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I don't like to be touched
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I really don't like to be touched. Not even handshakes or pats on the back. When new people touch me I tolerate it because I know they don't know any better but I really don't like it. Today this guy grabbed and shook my hand, he was just trying to be friendly and I didn't pull away or anything but I was a little weirded out and after I left the room I kept wiping my hand on my pants to try and get the sensation off. It could stem from my desire to not be emotionally close to anyone or maybe my relationship with my father. He didn't grope me or anything but when he touched me I didn't like it, maybe because I didn't like him. Is my anti-touch behavior normal?
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Again, I found your story hit very close to home. I don't like to be touched either. Sometimes because of germs, but mostly because it just doesn't feel right. I come away from an encounter feeling wrong and have to rub the area where I was touched profusely to get rid of this sensation. Certain people I don't mind touching me in certain places, but others, such as my father, I hate touching me even on my shoulder or arm.

I have a mild form of autism. I'd suggest you have yourself tested. I'm not severely affected by it, in fact I'm basically normal. I have a high intelligence and notion of fairness and some OCD, but other than that and a bit of shyness, I'm outgoing and normal. I feel like sometimes I don't belong and have a hard time with change, and as you mentioned, don't like being touched, so if you have anything like this, I'd suggest you get someone to take a look at you. It doesn't change things, but it's good to know what you have.
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OMG! It's Chris Griffin.
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if u think people have germs, or are dirty, then you probably have OCD.

maybe it does have something to do with ur father.
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Not being touched is normal. There are more of us out there than you think! Check out and join the movement to your right to personal space.
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I'm the same way. I hate being touched. Very few people are allowed to touch me. I also have this issue with space. I have my own personal "bubble", which very few people, once again, are allowed to enter. To be honest, the only person that is really allowed to enter my "bubble" would be my girlfriend. Most of my friends know about my personal space issues. They joke about it all of the time. I don't know what my issue is. I am OCD and I come from a family that cares about each other but we never really expressed it through physical means. I can deal with hugs that last for a short while, but if it is held for more than 5 seconds, I will push away. Also, just to note, I don't have a history of sexual abuse. A lot of people tend to think that that is what causes the issue. I am working on the issue though and I have actually gotten a bit better. It's not an easy issue to overcome though.
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Normal, I'd say. I know a few people who think the same way and except for the fact that I can't possible survive without contact, I think it's no big deal.
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I dont like superficial touching. If i legitimately havent seen you in a very long time then ok fine. A hug is appropriate but the whole shake hands every time, i hate. I work in business so I have to shake hands all the time etc. That does not really bother me to be honest. In social settings, it does. Church for instance; I know... its so bad, but i really hate all the hugging and touching. My pastor actually asks people to turn to their neighbor and say stuff or hug them. I'm like WHAT DO I DO NOW? It's terrible. I actually had a barber who would get mad because i wouldnt shake his hand. I am black and most black men get their hair cut weekly or bi weekly. I would tell him " look... i see you EVERY WEEK. you couldnt have possibly missed me so why do I gotta touch you? After all, arent you going to be playing with my head and face (razor shave) for the next 45 mins?" It's like too much.

ALso, being black you are expected to "give dap" all the time. I dont. WHY THE HECK DO PEOPLE ALWAYS WANT TO FIND SOME REASON TO TOUCH? Generally people think i am rude anyway so they just chalk it up to my personality but I hate the imposition. My friends just get used to it and dont try. I still have a few that think its funny to invade my space. They though it less humorous when i would have nice warm farts on board for them. Let one of those rip and watch how fast you gain control of the joke.

THe only ones who are exempt from this are my nieces and nephews. They can hug me all the time. When they get older though, i'm quick to sever the tie LOLOL
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