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I don't understand this?
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I don't really drink. I have taken a sip here and there but the last time I tasted alcohol was between 5 and 6 years ago.
The other day I bought myself a bottle of Sambuca. Two days ago I drank 5 shots in quick succession. I don't understand how I didn't get drunk or even felt tipsy when people who drink a lot or are use to drinking a lot get really tipsy from it.

IIN that alcohol does nothing to me other than make my nose stuffy?
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There's a lot of factors at play. Size/weight, male or female, alcohol content (%), time elapsed, exact amount drank, stomach contents, etc. You also may not be able to accurately determine how drunk you are. You might think you're fine but other people might observe you slurring your words or being sloppy. Don't think you're above that because it happens ALL the time even to experienced drinkers. For example, it's very common for people to think they are fine to drive but they end up in trouble for drunk driving. And I don't mean people who are too trashed to know better, I mean people who honest to God only had a few drinks and think they're fine. I know several people that got a rude awakening in this regard, one of them was my mom! She was flabbergasted, the contrast between how she thought she felt and what the breathilizer said was night and day and she never drove after drinking again.
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That's because you were using a thimble for a shot glass.
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sambucas more sugar than alcohol

its for dessert not for gittin drunk

drink 5 shotsa wild turkey quick and tell me where yallre at
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I was the same way. First time drinking, it was rum. I drunk cups of it mixed with some juice and did shots, and nothing. Still sober friends were surprised. After a few more shots, I finally started feeling tipsy, while my friends either passed out or went on drunken rambles.

Next time I drank, it was volka. I got fucked up lol. So, maybe you need something stronger.
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