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I don't want to drink anymore,socially acceptable?
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I have had some really bad and good experiences with drinking. Its our culture to celebrate with champaign. cool down with a beer, chill out with white wine, drown your sorrows etc..
BUT...I hate hangovers,
I hate talking crap at people
I hate the taste of shots
I hate going along with everyone else's drinking patterns
I hate other drunks
I hate loosing control of my basic functions
I hate my husband drinking
I hate feeling embarrassed the next day over what I said/did etc..
I have stopped drinking 2 times now each time for 4 months, but I was regarded badly by others who were drinking, a lot of people kept pressuring me until I used excuses that I was ill etc..
Why can't drinkers and non drinkers get along?
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Comments (11)
I haven't had a drink since about 1994. I'm not an alcoholic or anything like that. I just never really cared for the stuff in much the same way you don't like it, and one day I just decided I wasn't going to drink anymore.
I used to make up socially acceptable excuses, but the peer pressure was still tremendous. I guess drunks just don't like sober people to be watching them.
I don't make excuses anymore. If people feel threatened by that, too bad. I'm always happy to leave to spend time with people I like better sober. It's no fun to be the only sober person in a room full of drunks, anyway.
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i completely understand you and its sad that its so hard to do what you want to do in terms of quitting. I often think of not drinking anymore either on account of alcoholism in my family, how i behave sometimes when i drink and just how obnoxious others can be when they have had too much. It is really hard though because it is such a huge part of society and people really do pressure you to drink. not in the bullying way people probably think of initially-- but just the 'come on you can have just a few!' or 'its my birthday-- you HAVE to come out with us [and drink]'. Maybe your best bet is to not say you are banning it all together because that draws attention to yourself. As the person above says, just order other drinks, or have one and then switch to water.. and this way you wont be drunk or hungover, but can blend in. if you really dont want to drink, then develop other hobbies and meet new friends that way or introduce your old drinking buddies to the new thing-- maybe start doing sports or activities with them and then they can do their drinking with other people but still retain a friendship with you.
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im 22 and i was in rehab at 19, mate its cool i drink coke most the nights i go out, i go home earlier cos i got bored of listening to people talk shit, but i still have a good laugh and go out with my mates.
good luck with it mate
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Do what I do. When everyone else is having alcohol, order a non-alcoholic drink. The rule is to have something - don't order nothing cause then you'll stick out like a sore thumb.

You don't have to drink just cause everybody else does. People shouldn't be hassling you about it anyway. It's nobody's business but yours whether you drink or not.
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Good advice. To poster, I think it's great that you're trying to quit drinking. I'm 23 and haven't had a single drink since my 21st birthday. I just have no desire for the stuff, and I get irritated when people drink "to have fun". I just don't see the point of it. Good luck with quitting :)
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If your are feeling harassed by people because you won't drink you need to get new friends and start moving in diffrent social circles.
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You hang out with a bunch of assholes. Tell them to fuck off. Peer pressure! That would piss me off so much.
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Go with your heart and don't listen to what other people say about your decisions. They don't know anything; you're making a very good choice.
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Yes! I am so glad I have found you! All of my friends drink and I am beyond sick of it. At almost all of the social gatherings that I have gone to over the past two years, I always refuse drinks whenever offered, simply because of my checkered past. This refusal tends to draw surprise at best, and indignation and ridicule at worst.

Trust me, the people who are making you feel bad about not drinking are merely self-conscious. They think that, by not consume alcohol, you are judging them on their choice to drink, even though you may very well not be. But honestly, just tell them to go fuck themselves, because I applaud your courage and determination to stay away from the most heinous of drugs.

If you ever want to chat, please, I am all ears. You have no idea how hard it is to find someone who doesn't want to drink!
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Try being an Irish student who doesn't drink! ....
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