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I dunno how to masturbate, im a girl
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I dunno howw to masturbatee any suggestions
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Comments (9)
im the same i wanna masterbate dunno how =[ help mee
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Experiment, that's what most people do, male or female.

Or, go to a public library and read up on it. There's loads of books written on it, and no age requirement to read such books.
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Search the stories for "Masturbate". The subject is covered on a daily basis.
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ill giv u my address ill fix u right up in about a half hour
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hey masturbating is easy. but what do iknow im a dude. hahaha.

but really i know some chicks (REALLY close friends im comfortable with) that have told me they rub the top of their vagina. detachble shower heads. dilos. fingering. all kinds of stuff. just try to see what works best for you ;]
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I dont know how either. I guess we just need to experiment =/
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lay down in the bathtub on your back with your butt up against the front under the facet. turn on facet to very warm. spread lips. same thing works with shower head.
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sorry can help ya... not a girl

(most unhelpful comment ever)
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i'll teach you right now !

Go in the bathroom and get a tin of deoderant or hairspray and a tub of lube/vaseline. rub a handful of lube on your sh1thole then ease the hairspray can into your asshole.. go slow at first then be sure to speed up and ram yourself really hard with it.. easy.. good luck.
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