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I eat dandruff, IIN?
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I have really bad dandruff and when i pull it out i eat it. i have no idea why i just do. is there something wrong with me??
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I used to have soap dandruff from not properly rinsing shampoo out of my hair. Now I have dandruff just if my hair is really greasy. I'll scratch my head when it's really dirty until I get a good nailful of fragrant, oily residue. Then I'll smell it and eat it (but not if I have styling product in my hair cause it tastes revolting). If I scratch my head too hard and there's a little blood in the dandruff, then that's just an added bonus. This is not a joke post; I actually do this.
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there's nothing wrong with you. a lot of people do this. it's just an impulse really.
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It's not 'normal' really but it's nothing to worry about, nothing bad. It's not like you're going to catch anything from yourself. Just don't let people see you do it 'cause too many of them will judge you when you don't deserve it, and other than that just don't think about it. It's... well, an insignificant thing really.
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i used to have scalp psorasis and i was so disgusted by my dandruff i have no idea how u can eat it. but maybbe if my dandruff comes back i will try it after reading you do lol, even though i dont think its normal who cares if you like to do it and you aren't harming anyone or your health!
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thanks guys. i was also wondering if you know how to get rid of dandruff. i have it really bad!
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eww u can get sick
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that's what she said.
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