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I failed my driver's test 4 times :(
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I hate driving because it makes me so nervous even as a passenger but I have to because I need a job and there isn't anything close enough to walk or bike and there is no bus route around here.
anyway I feel so stupid because all my family passed on their 1st try. Everytime I take it I just want to get it over with and end up rushing and not able to focus...
I am going to take it 5th time tomorrow morning, since today i would have passed until the very end i rolled thru a stop sign cos I got too ahead of myself. I don't even remember doing it.
Now it probably sounds like I am a bad driver but on the road people say i drive well. I passed my permit and maneuverablity tests on the 1st try. Its just the performance anxiety I guess

anyway is this normal?? did you or someone you know have to take it multiple times before passing?? i just feel so bad about the wasted time & money
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It's because you want it so bad and that's causing you to fuck it up.

I know it's easier said than done but you really need to relax. You know you can drive just take your time don't be in such a rush.
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i passed finally
only by 4 points though =/
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Sad, but normal you will get it soon.. You just need hell of practice
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Things happen, don't worry about it. It is only a very small thing to go wrong, after you've had your license a little while everyone will have forgotten about it.
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Look it another're now four times more experienced at the test then everyone else! You're not a bad driver, its just having luck on the day! I only just passed on my first go. Keep trying...the reward is worth effort!
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@: sugarb
*worth the effort!
my bad :)
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My brother took the test 3 times before he passed it on the 4th try. It happens but eventually you'll get it right.
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yes, it's normal. my sister took her test 4 times before she got it right.
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It took me three times. Alot of it has to do with anxiety. My situation was that and a combination of a hole driving instructors. The last instructor I had told me something that has stuck with me for 22 years now. He said " Everytime u get behind the wheel, be prepared of every driver around u is just about to make a mistake. It will build your confidence and make u a good defensive driver. Good luck & don't give up! I had a friend that finally passed on her 8th try!
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Don't worry about it, I barely passed on my third time even though I shouldn't have because I hit the curb. Everyone learns at a different pace :)
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Hahaha my cousin failed his permit test. But sick ur finger up ur butt hole get a little bit of brown stuff if you can on the end of ur tumb and smell it every once and a while well ur driving. That's what I did and it calmed me right down!!!! Passed that bitch with flying colors the lady said.
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COOL!How many DWI's do you plan on getting?
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