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I feel disconnected from the world
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Over the last year I have had this empty feeling growing inside, it is something that I find very hard to describe..
But it feels like I have lost most of the connection to the people that earlier meant a lot to me.
Even my family means less and less. It is frustrating to feel disconnected from the world and having no one to relate to.
No one seems to notice though, since I act like I've always did, I do what people expect me to do. Is this normal?
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i feel the same exact way.
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What you are feeling is normal in the sense that their are a lot of other people out their who feel the same way. that being said what you are feeling is probably not healthy for you overall especially if you frequently feel sad, have had changes in appetite or sleeping patterns these things including what you said are symptoms of depression. I suggest that you see someone about the way you are feeling. Just the act of going to get help as been shown to improve depression. Good luck.
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The thing is, I don't really feel sad nor happy, more like I'm floading in between.. About the sleeping and eating patterns.. Well.. I only sleep 3-4 hours each night, and I eat twice a day..
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No, it isn't. There is something going on inside of you that you feel this way. I can't even begin to guess what it might be, as it could be many things (i.e., depression, lost love, lonliness, hate your job, feel you have lost out on something in life). Whatever it is, I would suggest you talk to someone about it (a good friend, a counselor, a psychologist, a social worker, a religious affilitiate of your choice). You need to get this worked out. It is not normal.
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I feel like this,sometimes i feel like my sparks gone yet i have it.but people keep sliding away from me,speially the ones i really love.Im starting to feel disconnected aswell,but i guess a little alone time chould fix this.I hope you get better though.
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Yes, you might be going through depression. I've felt like that before. It sucks but it has treatment.
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Dude this is called depression, it's exactly what i felt before i tried to kill myself. Seriously you have to go to the doctor it will help, it helped me and now i'm really happy and love everyone.

Good luck, you will see the light
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Me too!
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that's normal in sense that all of us sooner or later fall in that mood...what I can tell you is getting help from a doctor, medicaments are very important in depression, and looking for someone (a good friend, one of ur parents) who could just listen to you, without judgment. Talking about your feelings with someone will help you to know who you really are and what's happening inside of you...anyway don't worry, we all are on the same boat :)
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feel the same

not sure medication is the automatic answer but whatever makes you feel better

put it down to having been with a collection of people who have the same mindset, who are at the same stage in their life (my instance being at uni) and then everyone moving in different directions at different speeds.

leaves you feeling hollow. Think it's best to work out what you want to do, what'll make you happy (without detrimenting anyone else) and do it.
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I've been feeling this way for about the past year too. It's almost as if I've become more and more of a shell of myself like im in auto pilot letting my life pass me by. Everything i used to love and the people i used to care about almost have no meaning to me and i tend to isolate myself from them which often leaves that alone and hollow feeling i hate so much.
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I feel like that after I think about what means to me the most and I feel like nothing else is important.
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Dispersonalization disorder I have the same thing
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I feel this way too
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Don't you watch the anti pot smoking adds?? You'll melt into a couch and not care about a thing!!! Try that stuff!!!
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