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I feel displaced, as if I'm from somewhere else
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All my life I have felt very different to others around me. I can't really define how it feels - there's just a certain alienation; I guess it's how a different species of human would feel in amongst the regular humans (I'm not suggesting that I'm supergirl or anything - it's just an attempt to explain). I've always been at or near the top of the class so at first I thought that I had few friends and an over-active imagination just because I was clever, no other reason. I thought for years that this was what it felt like to be slightly cleverer than those around you.

However, in the past few years I have noticed this feeling getting stronger and stronger. I feel that I have been DISPLACED - that I was meant for somewhere different i.e. not this world in this time. I've always liked old-fashioned stuff and have a love of sci-fi and fantasy movies, which again I used to put down to a clever person's over-active imagination - but the escapism has grown to whole new level where I walk down the street feeling completely lost and confused about why I am where and when I have ended up.

I strongly dislike most aspects of life in the 21st century - humans are so materialistic and petty; people are violent and greedy and selfish; financial success and physical prowess equate to happiness; people are getting stupider and more narrow-minded - I watch shows like Star Trek and it physcially hurts me to think of all the possibilities for humanity if we were only nice to each other and stopped caring so much about what other people are doing and whether we should persecute them for it (like in religious wars).

I hate walking down the high street amidst hundreds of trashy, loudmouthed, dirty, badly dressed people who are so concerned about stupid, little, petty things. Nobody has moral values anymore, and the modern world of red tape and paperwork and regulations is inescapable - just to sit in the middle of a desert and get away from it all, you'd have to book plane tickets, get a passport, pack your stuff like the airlines tell you, get the appropriate transport and clothing sorted out and then make sure you have a license to sit in the desert! There's no freedom anymore. Recently applying to university has made me realise how trapped in the system we all are; my generation more than anyone.

So you see, I am constantly looking around myself and feeling trapped and lost and confused, but most of all that there's something wrong with where I've ended up. I really do feel like I'm parallel parked in an alternate dimension, or perhaps in the wrong chronological hotel room.

I know it's normal to have feelings of being lost and lonely, espeially as a teenager, but does anybody else ever feel like I do? Sometimes I wonder if I'm dreaming, or comatose, and all of this is my imagination. I just feel like this modern life is fake and that somehow there must be a way to escape that isn't death. Someone please, give me some help.
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I feel the same and I am well past my teenage years.
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Wow i thought i was alone and rather wierd yet i like being like this, its like someone else mentioned, at least we don't stoop so low as some people these days do. Thanks so much guys i feel so much better after reading all these strange yet familiar comments :)
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I Have to say; I am 18 years old, a lot of things have happened in my life thus far - lost my first love, parents died / left when i was just a kid... in school i was ordinary until the 8th grade.. something clicked in my head and i started to think with clarity, i was no longer bullied because i was emitting a high threat level to those who thought of harming me.. but since the 11th grade, past the middle of the 17th year of my life, i realized that i do not belong on this planet. At the age of 18 - i knew, humans are so predictable, so puny... so pathetic, in my head i could predict every single move a human would make before they even think about it.. i felt deep within me - within my essence - that i had unmeasurable power within.. but this human body is holding it back.. i knew that in my memory - there is something missing, i KNEW that i lost something in the past that i couldn't remember.. i was always different from the other humans, i pity the Males who only crave to smoke, drink alcohol, drugs and have sex with women, i pity the Females who only care about makeup and minor things that mean nothing, they know what a typical male wants and use that to their benefit... Every single time, it's all the same story.. Once i stood on top of a 9 story building, looking down at all the typical humans... always going somewhere, then returning, then doing the same exact thing all over again the next day... They can not even comprehend that they are living in a loop, they have no idea of how to think for themselves, how to think outside the box, how to be... different.
Humans laugh at those who are not like them: i.e. Skinheads, not having the same basic haircut, not wearing the "fashionable" clothes and other minorities... but what they don't realize that They are the ones who are so pathetic.. so meaningless.
I prefer the cold air of the night over the scorching heat of day, it has been like this since i was 15, at the age of 17 is when my mentality started to change - my outlook on the world today, how pitiful it has become, how blind to everything around them. My whole demeanor was absolutely different from the rest. One time a street mugger wanted to rob me out in the street past midnight.. something clicked in my head the moment i told him "Stand aside, or this will end badly." as he was as predictable as any human - i predicted that this would infuriate him, i knew that he was going to attempt to hit me and i knew how, i countered every single hit he attempted to give me and in the end i knocked him unconscious... All because the human race is So predictable.
I know for a fact that i do not belong on this world, i know for a fact that this is not my home, i know for a fact that i am not human... My body consists of flesh, blood, muscle, bone, yes. But that is the only thing that is human about me... this body. I know things that are unknown to this world, things that i don't even know how i came to understand, humans make the simplest things so complicated.. and applaud themselves thinking that they have discovered something unique.. when they are just imbeciles seeking attention, i was always at the top of the class in Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, even began learning more about Nano-Technology... But i do not use the "correct" ways of solving a problem and understanding the conclusion.. the "correct" way being that which only known to THEM.. even when my ways are far more simple.

I look at this world as something so minor, as everyone is EXACTLY the same, one's thoughts are no different, everyone are like pre-programed machines - as i have mentioned before - Males care about only few things, the prime objective being to stick their dick into a female. Females care about using that to their advantage but eventually craving the same minor thing...

I agree with you totally - the further this world goes, the more pitiful, puny and pathetic it becomes, If i were to refer only 1 TRUE great mind of this thankless planet - it would be Nicola Tesla. His ideas were not from this universe, he achieved numerous feats that EVEN TODAY the snot-nosed know-it-alls can't even begin to match... his ultimate goal - until he passed away - was for the entire planet Earth to have Infinite Energy, a united world - NO NEED for OIL, NO NEED for ANY Earth's Resources, no need for fighting over territories during wars to grab hold of land for their benefits.. Infinite Energy - Infinite Possibilities... but he passed away unable to finish his project... his dying wish was to have his project finished and active for Eons to come... it was put in the hands of someone he thought he could trust.. that person canceled the project... Why? Because no one would profit from it.

That is a PRIME example that i always return to - to describe how PATHETIC the human race is...

The perfect world is where the entire planet is united as one, where there are No "Countries", simply a united world, free energy for everybody, everybody taking care of everybody... infinite energy.. in a perfect world we would have mastered everything about our planet, from Nano-Technology to how the world would look like if ALL the water from it was drained..

But this world is nowhere near to be worthy of being called "Perfect".. there are so many things that i could keep talking about of what is wrong with this planet.. but i will not because this post is as long as it is and i'm sure no one would like to read all of it.

The summary of this text - is that i absolutely understand every word you have said, everything you have mentioned mirrors me in a way, i for one can say that i am glad to know that i am not the only non-human inhabiting this vile planet.
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I feel the exact same way.I feel like I've lost something that I can't remember but the pain and the feeling is still there,like I am from another planet or something?I hate the way the human life is structured around money,it doesn't exist!and people are so shallow minded all they talk about is sex and drugs.I feel like I think about the universe and the world so much and if I bring it up to other people they Dont think anything of it.I ask myself there must be more than this?The mentality of it is so surreall.I also feel like since a young age I have been very wise but that's all I am going to say glad somebody else can relate to what I'm going through!
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I am exactly that way and I can safely tell you that it is NOT normal. However, when I look out there at the norms of society and current events, I realize that it is not good to be normal. Why would I want to stoop so low?

If you are anything like me then you have, in my eyes, a wonderful gift. You can see the hypocrisy inherent to humans, you can see their ignorance and blind hatred, and you feel that you belong to another time or place where there are more people who think like you.

The simple fact is that humanity, for the most part, always has been and surely always will be this way. You cannot escape it. I know, and I feel tortured being forced to live amongst them, much like you do.

The best escape from it all, I have found, is to realize that you are above them. You can see through lies, deceit, and corruption of society. You are not ignorant as they are, but you are enlightened. You are one of the few bright bulbs in a large dark room.

If you are anything like me, and I truly think you are, then everything I just typed is true for you.
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well i think i know how you feel. but, in maybe you just dont realize that actually earth is a pretty good place to live in and we all belong here. you gotta remind yourself. cos if you dont belong here, than where else? you shouldnt release all this hate. like you said, being nice could change the world. if you just like tell people about these probs nicely then yeah ppl will think like you. i hope u get me. the main thing is, not all things are bad. its bad if we think it is. and if it IS bad, then we should do something about it rather than hating on it. er... yeah.
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It's normal to feel the way you feel you described, especially in the 21st century and more so in the US where Hollywood and individualism and "not supposed to judge others" thing has ruined the society.

There are definitely societies and groups that you can feel at ease and at home. For example to test yourself go to Mosque (Muslim worship place) and ask the women there that you have just accepted Islam (as if) and want to learn more about Islam. And see whether you feel at ease with them, the way they behave the way they talk etc.

Here is some info on Sisterhood in Islam and a blog of a convert

Good luck! You should be glad that you are not a nutcase like the rest of the people around you :)
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I get where you're coming from. Perhaps all us people who don't fit into society should establish our own community somewhere. I'm not sure whether we would interact or just live parallel yet disjoint existences...if you get round to setting such a place up let me know.
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You're an old soul, if you believe in that whole New Age-y shit. Just wait until you start having trouble dealing with your existence itself, not just the world around you you're seeing.
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A lot of skeptics would say it is not normal but in my world, Id say its normal. If im not wrong, have you ever looked at the palms of your hands and say to yourself, why do i exist in this body? You know, that whole first person view. You are the main camera of your life, except the recording is limited in memory. When you feel displaced, don;t you feel you were set here for another purpose? You know, that creepy feeling? And to get away from such feeling, we just dance along with others. I say forget dancing and lets continue the search for the true truth. You're the type of girl I want to be with.
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You are definitely not alone. I feel that way ALL the time. It was actually very refreshing to read your post, b/c I often seriously feel as if I'm the only one who thinks that way. Like you, I'm an addicted escapist. I'm constantly reading about the past and daydreaming about the possible future and writing about both, which I know sounds like I've got my head in the clouds. And yet, when I look around at other people and what they care about (Jersey Shore and iphones, OMG...), I feel as if it's the opposite and I'm the clear-thinking one, LOL. And like you, it usually happens only with my generation. I can talk to and connect to adults way better than my fellow 20-year olds. All of my closest friends have always been way older than me! So definitely do not feel alone, I don't know why we feel this way, but I'm hoping we will understand why one day.
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Ive always felt exactly the same since i was very young. I just allowed myself to believe that it's normal. Although its freaky how you wrote about EXACTLY how i feel
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So you're able to put similar thoughts of mine into more complex sentence structures and are able to give support to the ideas that you are saying. I just can't speak well enough to even consider trying to explain my thoughts to anyone else.
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Im 49 years of age and every year it gets worse ,In many ways I feel the same way,maybe coz Im strugling wright now ,maybe Im not happy with my life in this world that we live in today,cant put a finger on it ,but this world is full of distractions and I cant seem to concentrate on my self .so maybe I feel this way coz of these out of place ,everything is complicated,so I want to be somewhere else in a different time,thats not so distracting.anyway I live in the 21 century where I must adapt and get with the program even if I dont like it in everyway ,sincerly michael
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The person that posted the question and Connor Domes had blown my mind....I just sat here reading, feeling that I was reading something that I had just written....glad I am not alone in this world. And hopefully we can get together in this unknown other world
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Finding this question and the stream of comments has really been a relief for me. I now know that I'm not alone, that there are others out there like me, for better or for worse. Like outofthisworld said, I also find ConnorDomes's post to reverberate within me. Like at the level of my soul. Funnily enough, when I first heard of Nicola Tesla, I also felt an immense amount of respect for the man. I knew he was a revolutionary and like most revolutionaries, he would find difficulty having the world accept him. I can only hope and fear that we are among his lot, for such a life affords us the benefit of seeing what really matters but also pains us with the feeling of isolation.

When I was little, ever since I was a toddler, adults could perceive that there was something different about me, something sharper. Through the elementary and middle school years, this difference was a blessing because I made friends easily, had a habit of sticking up for the underdog, and I clearly understood justice and fairness. I felt purposeful, like I'm here to do something great. But as I grew up, the world I knew ceased to exist. I realized now that it's not that I've changed, but the world world around me has changed.

I feel as though sins have now become the norm.
Lust - have you ever seen a college campus? Hooking up and sex is now the norm. Hypersexualized media. No intimacy or love required ladies and gentlemen. Cuz only cool kids make detached love.
Gluttony - Getting stupid drunk is the new in? Okay..
Envy - The definition of facebook stalking. We shouldn't compare ourselves and dwell on what we don't have. More importantly, we should NOT stoop to levels BENEATH us.
Pride - Most modern rappers going on and on about cars, sex, and money. WHY are you teaching little ones the wrong values?

Alright whatever, I'm sure I got the point across. I see the degradation of a society. There are those willing to be dragged in, and those who will resist. Be PROUD of your difference. Our eyes are open.

In the book Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), firemen are hired to burn books and children and teens are out on the street death racing. It was the norm so no one questioned it. But there was a girl named Clarisse McClellan who was different. She was untouched by the effects of society and noticed things like the man on the moon and the distinct smell of acorns. Partly it was because she would have conversations with her uncle, who told her of how the world used to be and what people used to do. She was the one who inspired a revolution. She showed a important man that there is something deeply wrong with the world and that most people simply DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT. Or they are so DISTRACTED, they choose not to. I won't spoil the book by going any further. I'll leave that up to you guys.

I read that book when I was 14. I am now 20 and every year the message sinks in deeper and deeper. Through the years, I've tried finding others like me and I've discovered the teachings of Aleister Crowley, who taught me to stay true to thyself, Charles Darwin, who taught me how selection pressure works, and Sigmund Freud, who showed me that people are sexual creatures and will sometimes compromise integrity for sex. Hopefully that makes sense to some of you :). Be proud. Be proud.
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I feel the same, I'm always making an effort to be in the level of the idiot people to have a conversation, I have to become an idiot too, and I feel that is a waste of my energy, I'm tired. I made a T-shirt with the inscriptions:
I woke up in a wrong place and below, a drawing of the planet.
You can see a pic here:
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Likewise! I feel like I have to dumb myself down a lot.
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Brilliant, this has helped me just reading it - I am the same! I'm even the same age. You probably explained it better than I could.
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I just googled "Does anyone else feel like they do not fit in with "normal" people" and stumbled upon this. Did not think I would find something that reverberated so intensely with what I was seeking. I have been told many times I have an old soul… And as I grow older (I am only 20, but I definitely do not feel like the child I once was) I find myself not wanting to involve myself socially with society. I am a likable guy, I am very intellectual and I have always had a knack for manipulating people to either like me or get my way. When I was younger it was fun manipulating my principles to get out of trouble or getting free A's from teachers because I could read what would work with them. As of today I just feel tired of it… not like I am going to kill myself or anything like that, I am hardly depressed. I just don't feel like freaking trying anymore, I am literally constantly lowering myself in order to understand people around me. I have a strong sense of justice and I have met very few people ( Maybe 2 people, one is my best friend and one is an ex) who have connected with me in this way. Practically everyone I talk to manages to disgust me, everyone judges people for arbitrary reasons, or they care about things that I just don't see as worthy to fret over.

I wanted to be an electrical engineer… Strangely I am inspired by Tesla (The children of Tesla, perhaps? haha) and I wanted to continue his research (when I was younger) as I get older I don't know if I want to fight the good fight. Taking on that challenge is going to kill me, and probably be fruitless. I would rather aim low, live a modest life, teach my wife, my family and my children how I feel about the world. Try to elevate others around me than participate in the rat race… then I conflict with myself because I know that is not what is right for the world. If the human race is to continue on they need people that think like me, at least I think so, but at the same time I hate what the human race has become…

This thread helped me, at least to a degree. I don't like feeling the way I feel, as I feel like I am judging others which pretty much conflicts with one of my core beliefs. I want to believe I am not just some psychopathic egotist. I have researched Sociopathic tendencies and the way I feel, and the way many of you have described feeling is very sociopathic. I want to believe my thoughts aren't of a sociopathic nature. Eh, too many thoughts not enough time.


Too smart for his own good?
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I to put in "is it normal to feel displaced in this time" and it brought up this link. Like everyone here I don't feel like this is the time I belong in. I have been told that I have an old soul. I believe in morals and values. I don't know what my purpose is. I feel like I'm always in a fog just wondering through this time. I feel like I'm all alone. No one understands me. I used to be a workaholic just to try and forget. To be busy. Then I had a breakdown and have never recovered from it. I have felt more lost than ever after that. I wonder if my mental health issues are related to feeling and not belonging to this time. I am always thinking of Ireland and the old days. I haven't really read anything on it. Fearing that I would further feel unreal here. But I often think what is normal anyway. How many of us don't belong here. We are just wondering until we find out proper time. My religion doesn't believe in reincarnation. But I do. I just want to be able to have an educational conversation. I feel like I'm always talking to 6 year old children. I can't stand listening to them. Ugh
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@: grinch
I was and am exactly the same regarding work. It gives me something to focus on, as if it gives me meaning.
I am confused as to how you believe in a religion that consists of what you don't believe in.
You remind me of Mycroft a bit ...
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your post is intriguing, I can relate entirely, the question is what are you going to do about it, do you have the drive to be an example for future generations, are you done questioning your circumstances, are you motivated enough to improve the world
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Same here. I've never truly felt as though I belonged and as I grow older, the feeling keeps intensifying.
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Sometimes I feel the same thing and I feel like I could cry. But it's not maybe of not belonging to Earth particularly, but of... feeling impriosened. In a world that there are so many things going wrong... I feel like I want to be in a better place, a much better one, and that I'm imprisioned in this body but my true essence is not human.

Have you ever heard about Spiritism? You probably don't know much because in USA this religion is not very common. But where I live it's very accepted. It's inside Christian religions and everything, but they believe in reincarnation and that you actually have a soul. You become imprisioned in a body to experience life and "evolve", "learn", until you reach "perfection". You meet people that actually are meant to meet you. They say some things are planned before you reincarnate, like what family you'll be born into, etc. Sometimes you may know someone for centuries and centuries, and you meet again everytime you reborn because you have such great bonds.

I truly believe in that. And they also say there are many dimensions. The spirit world is in another dimension. There are planets and stars we don't know that are inhabited by other people or humans, that are more evolved. Planets which its energy is lighter than earth, where there's actually a much better life there, because the spirits that reincarnate there are way more evolved than humans from Earth.

I know it kind of sounds mad. But if you research about it you may get to understand it better and it really makes sense to me. That's why some people feel the way you do, because they might have inhabitted other planets, better than Earth, and for some reason were sent here to maybe help Earth evolve.

I hope this helps! I also feel like people give too much value to stupid things and don't really care about others and have superficial relationships. It really sucks. But it's Earth, you know. We have yet so much to learn.
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I honestly thought I was the only one who thought this way. Don't get me wrong, I love this earth, and compassionate people, but I've always felt like I wasn't supposed to be here. Like, I'm from somewhere else entirely and all my life all I've ever wanted was to go back to that place. I feel like I miss that place, but I don't know where it is or how to get to it or if I'm actually not from it. I have my doubts about it after so long because people have worn me down. I started pushing down thoughts like that because I thought I was weird for feeling this way and was sure that other people didn't think like me. I would put myself above others sometimes, but I try not to because it sounds so narcissistic and I don't like thinking of myself as better or anything. I'm genuinely surprised I found this little forum thing and that other people have had these thoughts. It makes me feel less crazy and no matter how much I know, I feel the yearn/hunger for more knowledge. I want to know my purpose for sure, so my thoughts can be validated or not. I need to know what's out there, but I also always feel like I'm at such a standstill. Like everybody else is moving so fast around me and I can't move at all. I want to save humanity, but lately I've been feeling like it's too late for us.
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I felt like I was reading something from myself. I know exactly how you feel. The feeling of not belonging is not pleasant, quite unsettling actually. I just try to tell myself that my life has not yet started. I plan to leave my country and return to where my family originated. It is a simpler life. Western society is not for everyone, including me.
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Just curious, after 6 years from when the op wrote this, if she still feels the same?
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It is perfectly normal to feel that way if you are a Starseed. And it sounds like you are.
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