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I Feel Glad The "Holidays" Are Over!
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Alright, I admit it. I am so very happy that the holiday sham is over for another year.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and New Years is okay, but having to deal with the people........

I Can't Stand the two faced, self centered, self important, holier than thou hypocrites that seem to spring like weeds every year!

People who don't have clue one about christmas, most of them only care about the holiday for what loot they can grab (with both hands) for themselves and the extra few days or so they get to be off of work.

Other people putting on a happy face (usually a simple, mildly retarded looking smile and wishing you Merry Christmas...these same folks are generally the ones who - any of the Other eleven months out of the year, wouldn't piss on you if you were running down the street on fire.

I feel just so sick and tired ofthe plastic falseness of the whole ordeal. (Though my BF bought Moi a very nice vacation!) I wish people could just either be honest, as they are when they are not trying to put on a show for the other monkeys they encounter in the Before/After Christmas sales - or - simper elsewhere, in private!

Tobra - The TRUE meaning of Christmas
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Not all people feel false joy during the holidays. You know, some poor misguided soul out there might genuinely feel like they should be generous and give out of the kindness of their heart. They are most likely religious too..

I suggest you don't ruin other peoples holidays just because you feel paranoia about other peoples superificiality. Nobody likes superficial people, but people hate those others who ruin the fun of everybody else around them. Sometimes they are referred to as "Wet Blankets".

But, on a brighter note, you're beginning to join the glorious ranks of mainstream society. Becoming one of the millions of non-conformists who hate the holidays because they are unconciously arrogant and believe that nobody except for them is educated and that nobody knows that christmas is just a chance for money grubbers and pedofilic uncles. Unless they actually mean that crap about kindness.

Sum it up, don't ruin everybody elses superficial super fun time, just because you can't see the joys of being kind to your fellow humans, I agree, some if nots a lot of people see the holidays as a chance to get a quick bite to eat and a new tube of back cream. But be sure you know what kind of person you are talking to. Because only a bigot (like Moi) would classify everybody into the same superficial category. And being a bigot isn't very divine, is it?

-Morse, The Realistic Meaning of Christmas
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Sound normal to me...
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@: Ollieo
well thats people dude. there are always going to be people who act like bastards and turn around and be nice another time. so yea thats normal i guess?
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normal the only thing that i hate about the holidays is that it snows its a horrible time for a sk8r
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You are perfectly normal.
Nobody likes superficial beings.
It makes me sick to deal with them too.
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You care too much about shit. So what if people are superficial out the wazoo, that doesn't mean you have to be. You complain like they affect you, when really, you could live your life having nothing to do with them.
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well. its pretty normal. lol
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Urg, I think this post is old as the holidays are coming up. I decided to take a HUGE paycut by quiting my job to go to school and although I will have a better life because of it. It sucks now and I hate going hungry as a cheeseburger purchase will break the bank.

Yes, I know, I am sacrificing today for a better tomorrow. SHUT UP, I wore out that saying so much it now earns me an evil look from my fiance when she hears me bitching/mumbling/whatever to myself when I don't want to go to school or I am tired of being broke.

Now with the holidays approching, she wants to make a HUGE deal out of it as we are moving in together but honestly, I wish the damn days would not come. I do not feel like giving my family anything (Long and personal story, don't want to talk about it but it is fair from popular opinion around people I know why I feel this way.) and would rather be left the hell alone than scramble for a gift to each one.

I'm being honest. I recently gave my mom my Handicap flag for my truck to her for Chrismas. She isn't disabled but she likes to think she is and she KNOWS I am. However, its what she wanted and I did something I wouldn't want to do and that is take a handicap parking space from someone who could use it for this lazy meth addict, waste of space, good for nothing person.

What I will do for the rest and "pretending" I give two shits about the greedy assholes with college paid for them by my grandfather (I'm not mad, I think life is more meaninful when you earn it. I just don't need some asshole shoving this crap in my face when I am truly suffering from all the struggling I have been doing.) while I am struggling to make ends meet and failing just to STRUGGLE to get to their level.

Of course the bastards don't see this and they go on and on about their new boat or which horse they think can out run which horse of the other uncles. I mean, thats great but decussing my joy of adding Tuna Fish to Macaroni and Cheeze to break the monotony won't exactly impress these assholes.


I'm ranting again, sorry. I just hate the holidays and really would like to see it pass without a problem. I guess I would care more if they truly earned something or even respected me for struggling instead of badmouthing me to my face because they think I grew up to become my mom. I'm sorry, I don't believe in drugs and will never try them. But these high and mighty assholes would be hard pressed to admit they are wrong.

--Funny, I usually don't cuss but I hate the holidays so much and I know this year it will be worst than before. My white trash inlaws and how they believe I will tarnish my fiance's womb with the plague of MS. (If the bastards did five minutes of research, they would know this isn't a problem but those arrogant son's of bitches won't lift a book to save them. Heaven forbid they might learn something)


Happy Holidays, they are coming.

Bawh Humbug.
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I try my butt off to be better than I have to. However, like when I was playing on my fiance's "girl gaming site" of Big Sea Games as a deal because she started playing Team Fortress 2 with me, I shouldn't have to be always polite and kind.

When a person told me thank you for the fifteenth time in ten minutes for me unwillingly giving them a team bonus of SEVEN tokens, I should have a right to tell them to "Blow it out their ass". Of course the stupid woman ran to an admin and now I have my fiance complaining that I can't play at her site with her anymore.

However, I try my best to be polite but during a high stressful time, like a family get together that I am doing under duress, is it wrong for me to tell them to "Blow it out their ass" at least once.

Sad thing is if I did do this, and I really want to, I would be posted as the bad guy because of the whole thing I stated before, THOSE BASTARDS DO NO WRONG ARE ARE INCAPABLE OF BEING WRONG.
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Today is Christmas eve and while this post is at least a year old, it is still valid. I can't wait for a few more days until I am out of this "Christmas" season.
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New years eve is over and now it is time to enjoy my new type of work.

I'm happy but I am wondering if Ms. October gave up on this site altogether or what.
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firstly, i totally agree with you. secondly, this was hilarious and actually made my night. you should be a standup comedian no joke. funny shit. and so so true.
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you are weard i love my holidays
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yeah I want my vacations back
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You are not alone.
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