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I feel like a robot.
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I feel very odd putting this out there for the rest of the free-world to see, but this has been bugging me for a long while, and I have been very upset about this for quite sometime now. I don't have emotions. I'm a female, and naturally most people assume that I'm supposed to be moody, and overly-emotional, when in fact, it's quite the opposite. I haven't cried in 6 years. I don't get angry, or mad when a situation doesn't go my way. But, heres the tricky part, I fake my emotions in order to fit in. I'm very talented at mimicking human nature. I almost don't feel human at all sometimes. Like, I'm just a monster, a stranger in my own skin. I don't worry about petty things.

So, I'd like to know, does anyone else feel this way? I just find emotions to be so stupid, and useless.

Is this normal?
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lol, don't listen to these people here, I went through that phase as well, until I realized I was just a person who rationalized a lot. Most people fake the daily motions in life, you'd be considered weird if you didn't. It's so much easier to just mimic everyone else >_> I'm sure a lot of other people go through the same thing

As long as you have some goal in life, or people that you're devoted to and love or whatever, you can't really go wrong.
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you are a robot. so is everyone else. accept for me. and you're all after me!!!
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You don't have anything wrong with you. It's just TEEN ANGST.
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Hm. I think you're going through long-term depression. You should seek professional help.

As an eccentric, I've been through multiple depressions (long, short, doesn't matter), but I always get through it by doing things that interest me. Socialising is a big one to also get through depression. The more you socialise the more chance you have to develop a personality that is your own. Socialise. That was my problem.

Read up on how to socialise books, how to talk. The book I recommend is: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It's an old book. But I would not underestimate its importance. It changed my life dramatically.

Also, you can watch movies. Watch the actors experience emotions. Try to understand how and why they are going through those emotions.

Hope this helps. Best regards,

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Me too. I don't know if it's normal or not.
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Its not normal. I'm like a Robot too.I feel like I'm gradually loosing everything 'human' about me. earlier listening to music used to make me 'human' for a while.. ie feel emotions and everything. but now even thats gone. I dont feel ANYTHING. I can sit still as a statue for the rest of my life and not even get bored. my mind is blank. I cannot even think proper.
I can look at the most movingly beautiful scenery and not feel a tinge of admiration or wonder. read the most mesmerizing tale and not feel the awe of it.I can no longer enjoy any good thing on earth.
I heard all this cud be due to depression. but cant think of any reason why i shud be.
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yes I think its normal I dont have emothions my mates say ive a stone for a heart and my dad calls me cold. I find myself faking emothions as well just to fit in because its weird if everyone is crying and your stood there looking around it looks strange (and I know). Funny thing about crying, its the only emothion i cant even fake I just cant make myself cry. Do you find it uneasy when people cry around you? i do
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Lamphead (31342) your a genus.
you at least thought it throw.
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Thinking is normal.
emotional is also normal.
worrying is not so normal.
open your eyes. uses both.
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and LockHood (44628)

your bright, but worry you To much. be carfull
life a little to abnormal.
take to with a grain of salt.
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commit suicide??!! are you kidding me?! you have a lot to lose. In Life.

Make more friends.
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The fact that you're worried suggests that you have some depth of emotion. So maybe you just need to think differently about how to identify them and find out what exactly you care about. But I would need more information to decide if this is normal. How long have you felt this way?
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scarlet_m (28914)

ahh. hard Question to answered in worlds.
no answer don't Answer that Question yet.
Liston to something music that calms you down
like Pachelbel's Canon would work.
or a child story "make sure it is a happy one"
look for one that is not down to earth one that realty makes you happy.
the key is "truth to yourself"

ask friend ask carefully. if you wonder more.
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lilsmurf (61018)

Dad are cold or loving truth is there are both.

if Dad having a bad day his words will be more
hurtful and less wise.

as hard as it is give him a cup of water.

tell him "I love you" go see bed.

see if he dose the same. if me care ask him
the next day see what he answers.
keep trying something new. there hope.

if not make friends.
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OK. PK - Fire.

I seen a robot do that............

I let you dream a little longer.

this anime is not something you should which
for fun
but it will make you world a little bigger
and make you a better person.
"VOICE, what's inside the jar?"
it on hulu plus.
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your right in school 100% TEEN ANGST.
out side school is you ask people
"TEEN ANGST" people will lie with there tung
by saying the word
thay aren't going to know or understand
sad but true.
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robots feel a little less robotet and a lille more like a person when jesus is in the room.
God become man and yelled at a the top of a Mountain to everyone within earshot
I made the human race you are all loved my Me=Jesus I wand you in my family.
read my word pass on the love the jesus the allmighty one
1. love Jesus aka God buy excepting his offer of life no mather who your are
2. love everone you know by helping then throw the hard times. on matter how Good or Evil that are person-human is It take time.
3. forgive all you can
4. dont always put yourself first.
5. think of God feelings who is best at love
god lived for Daddy
years Trust me he had all the answers
6. he know how to take care of the world
7. there a party in heaven
8. god has a letter to you bible new living translation - I think is the easily to understanding
hint translation dos not matter as long as it tell the truth
Jesus is God and God became Man die the proved he love all of you = love everyone back
because god loved us.

after reading the bible on might be at the dollor store as well.
I did something else.

I love watching Solty Rei EP 12 on 24 weeks ago I never get old. oh well.
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Yeah, me, too. Embrace it and learn more about yourself, you need to create your own happiness. Besides, emotions are for the weak and stupid. Rise above. You might have an antisocial personality disorder or an INTJ personality type. Whatever the cause, isn't life so much better this way? You should totally take up a "self was primary" way of life and never look back. Best way to go.
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me too.. i think maybe it is a part of autism
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I think Im suffering from depression too, But I get too emotional and have too many mood swings, Even when Im not on my period. I just get fed up of so many things, I just lock my self in my own room and go on this stupid website, Giving wise advice to people; Advice that I would never follow myself.
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go to a fuckin therapist
just dot commit suicide
thts actually pretty selfish if u commit suicide
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