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I Feel Like I Know What's Going To Happen
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I always feel like something bad is going to happen when somebody tells me something. Like a minute ago, my dad said he was going to take the trash down to the road, and I immediately imagined him getting hit by a car. It can be scary sometimes, because it seems so real and I always feel like it's going to happen. Is this normal?
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welcome to the club! we are the paranoid people.. and well, ... we imagine things...
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im the same way but im pretty sure i do that because of my OCD, it makes me think bad things are going to happen then i get anxiety and gota do stupid ocd stuff to clear my mind
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I think you're just paranoid, it's normal cause I am always scared something bad will happen, but usually it doesn't.
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I get the same way sometimes, only when I imagine something my body reacts to it. Like when I get mad and I think about beating up someone, my muscles get tense, my fists get really tight and then I snap too and I realize what I'm doing before I can punch a hole in a wall..
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Yep. All the time. I think I got the paranoid bug from my paranoid boyfriend. It's really bad when I go to see him because he's in England while I'm in the States, and when I visit him, I always panic and think the plane's going to crash into the some point I usually calm down though.

I heard that a lot of people actually survive plane crashes...that scared me more...I don't want to survive in the middle of the Atlantic in the freezing cold....
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I don't usually think like that. It's only on the unlikely occasion when a thought like that pops into my head it just won't go away and I actually think it might happen.
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I don't think you have enough to do or think about.

If I got my husband to take out the trash I'd start the laundry, load the dishwasher, etc. I'd be glad to get a little help with the chores. My gran always said, Trouble always finds your door, there's no need to go looking for it.

Relax kid and find something to do or think about that's sensible.
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