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I feel that people on welfare should not have dogs
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I see neighbors on government assistance who have no jobs, 3 children and have a new puppy.
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Comments (12)
Dogs can be a valuable asset in some neighborhoods.
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Indeed, dogs can deter criminals!
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Dogs are expensive. Weird that someone would take on that financial burden if they can't afford it.
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Most likely they're not going to take care of the dog properly and it's going to suffer along with the poor children born from jobless parents.
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People like that have zero fiscal sensibility. They don't care.
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Love knows no monetary boundaries. An animal that loves you unconditionally often helps (even if only slightly) to make those kinds of people feel wanted and appreciated.
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Sad thing is that most people on welfare own pit bulls and don't know how to treat them. Also, if you can't feed your kids, stop having them! All of these system abusers need to be pushed off of a cliff! It would be nice if I could keep more of the money that I worked for, instead of having it go to wastes of oxygen!
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I feel that no one should have dogs, your point?
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If people can afford the dog, get it it's shot
have money for it in case it takes real sick that
is all different..I'm not financially set to own
a dog so i don't have one, i am only disability
plus i got have money for bills etc..
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I wouldn't worry about it unless it seems malnourished or abused. we had an old stray in the early 80's when we were poor too, because she was a huge sweetie and a lot of fun.
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There are a lot of homeless veterans out or people with traumatic stress/ anxiety from a mental illness on welfare out there with dogs, that are actually service animals meant to help relieve some of their traumatic stress. There are even laws, at least in my state, that say if your animal is a service animal than you do not have to pay a pet deposit.
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