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I find sensitive, sentimental songs extremely irritating, IIN?
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The kind with a soft, slightly rough voice and guitar that plays in the background of birth scenes in television shows.
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People really shouldn't play these songs during birth. It gives the wrong impression to babies.
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I often play romantic music when fucking my dog
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Have you made a study of tv shows with birth scenes? Seriously though, most sentimental songs make me laugh out loud: all that love that will go on for ever, the other person is an angel, I will never leave you and so on.

The funniest one for me is that "Islands in the Stream" thing from the 80's; "I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb"???? She had nits? And they're islands with nothing in between? Maybe water?

Presumably your remote has a mute button? Just hit it when you see a birth scene approaching
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Popular sensitive sentimental songs are often neither.
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