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I found a weed in my son's bathroom
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Self explanatory, but i'll explain. So I was cleaning my son's room while he was out during thanksgiving break. Once I got to cleaning his bathroom i found a small cylinder case. I opened it and realized it was weed. I took it and hid it where no one will find it but i need help. what should i do, i never been in this situation before and im very worried about my son. please reply and tell me what i should be doing.
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give it back to him
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give it back to him, its harmless
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If your son is 16 then have him clean his own room. If he's 18+ tell him to gtfo and find a job and a place if he wants to smoke dope. Your not teaching him anything by enabling him to be a lazy ass, Flush the weed.

If he wanted it bad enough he would have taken it with him. If he gets pissed tell him to either quit the shit or get the hell out. Period.

And I'm speaking from a previous smoker view. Weed is fine and dandy when your young but their comes a time when you have to grow up and give up pot. All it really does is make you lazy and unmotivated to do anything with your life. Keeps you in a constant haze and is getting more expensive every year.

Hell let the boy read this post and maybe he will realize he wants more outta life than flipping burgers and he will quit the shit. Almost anything that pays above minimum wage has a drug screening and even if you cheat the first one you never know when that random screening is coming. All it takes is one person to smell pot on you and report to your boss and viola on the spot piss test. And a refusal is an automatic fail no matter what your excuse is.

It sickens me to see how many young people today focus solely on pot because they think oh it's just pot. Pot is a great medicine for people that seriously need it but so is pain killers and nerve pills for people that really need it. Kids just want to justify getting high and all it shows is their ignorance.

Anyway like I said flush it and if he's 18 tell him to get the hell out and make it in his own. You don't want to end up like my mother still supporting her 36 year old drug addict (heroin) daughter And still getting treated like shit on a daily basis because he's too damn soft hearted on the dope headed whore.
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This is very close minded. I would have to disagree. Because When I smoke yes I can be lazy if that's what my day consists of but I can also be very productive! Once I smoked before work and I have never been so productive in my life. Also weed isn't a gateway drug, where the hell did you get heroin!? smoking gives such a peaceful mind. Sometimes it's nice to calm down every once in a while. Your response is highly exaggerated- she never said anything about his age so why pull assumptions out your a$$ like that :/
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The only reply with a point I found on this post. I would suggest op to take your advice.


1. Smoking anything is not good.
2. Addiction is not good.
3. One needs to clean his own room.

World is going crazy. I see so many people can't see the simple facts.

Op needs to talk to her son about it.
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I agree. Time for some real life tough love.
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If it smells like skunk and is green, fresh and sticky do not worry. You need to worry about pills, powder or synthetic Marijuana drugs which will have a flavor perfume scent about them. Those are the ones that are truly dangerous. However I recommend you educate your child on the differences.
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Why are you cleaning your son's room? He has arms, right? And what are you so worried about?

It's his weed, put it back and stop panicking about something completely normal.

I am assuming your son is an adult? In which case I ask again, why were you cleaning his room for him?
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Smoke it. Get high.
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Clearly you've never smoked weed yourself or you'd know that it's not a big deal. As long as it's real weed and that synthetic shit, that stuff can kill a person. The best thing you can do I ask him if it's real organic weed, make sure! Next thing you should do is make him smoke in front of you so you can see with your own two eyes exactly what weed does to a person. Trust me I've smoked weed for many years and it's waaaaaay less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes. That's the truth. The government needs to end prohibition and educate people to the truth about marijuana.
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Thats good for him (:
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smoke it.
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You should smoke it and it replace it with mixed herbs, that will teach him a lesson!
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It's not "a" weed. It's either just weed or "a (amount) of weed" you know.
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smoke it with him you will love it
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Honestly this is completely normal! I'm assuming he's a teenager therefore these are the days to try new things, if it were a class A or highly addictive drug then that's when you should get involved and stop him however weed in small doses is harmless. So for now maybe just talk to him about it? If you get mad at him then he will most likely stop telling you things and probably still do it but not in the comfort of his own home.
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