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I get turned on by being tickled!
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My boyfriend is forever tickling me, I don't know why but it kind of turns me on. I could be the simple touch of my neck and it send thrills through me. I mean I just love being tickled. I mean most people hate it but I enjoy it.

I think it's pretty normal, is it?
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Comments (15)
Fun fact: Everyone can orgasm from tickling. Eventually the brain overloads and short-circuits, causing you to climax.

Google it.
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Weird fact
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Yea you might like Bondage and stuff like that, I could be wrong, but I dunno....
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I know what u mean!

I remember things from the past and just want to call the person and say sorry or whatever!
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I know what you mean! When ever my girlfriend tickles me I get a standing hampton!!
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As I've said so many times before, sex is anything goes. A Normal is you.
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ME too!! Well when I first met my man we flirted and then he tickled me and I got on top of him and so on. Being tickled reminds me of it and being the fact that I'mnot ticklish it just turns me on as well
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I do too, whenever my girlfriend tickles me we usually cuddle after, and she always feels it rubbing against her ass
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This is absolutely, positively, normal.
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I could not possibly comment never had a gf
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who hates it?
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I personally hate being tickled, but you might like tickle bondage. Look it up, yo!
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I'm extremely ticklish on my hips & when a guy touches me there I nearly die because it feels so great.
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It's probably so nice because its so sensitive
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it's normal , I LOVVVE BEING TICKLED too , but i never get it :(
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