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I go to the gym but it doesn't go!
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I hate my fat and cellulite I work out regular but it doesn't seem to go :( I don't know where I'm going wrong I was happy with myself then I pigged out and now this.
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Maybe it's your diet or perhaps a hormonal condition? Regardless I say good for you for working out, dear heart!
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It won't matter what you do at the gym if you're still eating more than you're burning off with exercise, which by the way will have no effect on cellulite.

How long have you been regularly working out? These things do take time and for some people just never work: I exercise most days and eat healthily (my diet has been checked by a dietitian and approved) but I've still hovered around the same weight for years now.
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Losing weight is 99% diet. You need to start counting your calories. Just be actively aware of how much you eat and you'll naturally pick lower calorie, more filling options.
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Stop eating the pies you yankee fat fuck
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Download an app like MyFitnessPal and enter everything you eat.

You may just be overeating more than you're aware. It takes time to actually see the results of exercise, if you work out really hard on a Monday but eat shit on a Tuesday, you're going to be just as fat at the end of the week. Calories in vs calories out for the entire week, if your cheat day boosts your weekly calorie average over the threshold, you lose results.

Otherwise you could have a thyroid condition, see a doctor and get a blood test, if the results are negative, you're just not working hard enough. Alternate cardio and resistance in different days. Be consistent. Eat well. No soda. No alcohol (don't drink your calories). Walk more and listen to some podcasts. If you can't make it to the gym there are tons of YouTube videos with cardio circuits you can do in your living room while you watch. Hang a calendar on your wall and fill in each day with the amount of exercise you have done and put an X on the days where you have done nothing.

You can do it. Don't give up.
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I'd say it's normal to pig out sometimes but I wouldn't suggest doing it often...and u just have to keep going to the gym and keep a healthy diet and you'll be fine( ^ω^)
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Piss poor genetics. You'll never have ab insertions like Zyzz, u mad?
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Get some proper exercise with purpose. Gymnasia work the body without any other purpose and that's bad for anyone. Get a bicycle as transport, or a more physical job or hobby.
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