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I got fingered for the first time
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I got fingered for the first time today and it was amazing. He got me SO wet. The problem is that was hours ago and I'm STILL wet! I can't get "dry!" IIN?
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Comments (6)
Yep Mel go it haha
Don't think about it it will keep u turned on. Icy shower is the cure
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^^ :) haha
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thats funny, but yeah your still turned on so take a cold shower *as stated above* or call him over again. lol :P
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lmao , thats normql because that happen to me and yeaj showers help because ky bf got turned soo bad that he started licking down there and i didnt stop getting wet for thr longest soo take a cold shower . . .
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Yep happened to me. We were On a beach at 10 at night. And we were kinda drunk. He fingered me through my bikini and after hours of us having fun it felt like I was in the ocean. My bikini bottoms were saturated!!
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Youre still turned on, stop thinking about it. Take a cool shower! Once youre not horny, itll go away.
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