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I got seduced by my babysitter
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Hi everyone
i think i may have a little problem. the other day the babysitter was here, she's 24 and i'm 12 (i know that's weird but my parents are overcareful)
we were sitting around watching tv, i was having a tv dinner when all of a sudden while zapping two people kissed and looked at each other passionately on tv. me and my babysitter (btw she's f**king gorgeous) looked at each other at the same moment and exchanged awkward looks. then she got up, walked over and kissed me really long. it felt great. we started making out and it really got me going. we went upstairs to my room and were still making out when she put her hand down my pants an touched my... you know and you can prbbly imagine the rest... it was great i loved it but now i don't know what to do... she's coming over again tmrrw to watch over me and i somehow hope all of it will happen again.
help me!
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how come i never had a baby sitter like that? waaaah
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um this is fake
a 12 year old would not post about this
no 24 year old "gorgeous" girl would do that to some 12-year-old kid
If she's gorgeous, she'd have a bf from work or college
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I am now in my late 30's, and this happened to me when I was about 7. I think my babysitter was about 16. It happened several times, including sexual acts, and I enjoyed it.
Years later though, I started to realise that it was not normal. It forever changed the expectations I had of every woman I ever met after that time, and fundamentally affected my ability to interact with women like other guys.
I actually now feel quite angry about it. I have quite recently found her on Facebook. I made contact with her, but I haven't mentioned anything about what happened and neither has she. I'm wondering if I should... and that is 100% true. All of it. So I wouldn't be surprised if other babysitters do similar things, and that most men don't want to talk about it, as after all, it is sex abuse - but they probably did enjoy it at the time, like I did, which causes a real conflict internally...
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This is more than a little's all up to you though. But the longer this lasts, the more of a problem it's going to be. You need to stop it unless you really want to go through the whole process of talking with your parents, police, judge, jury and such. It's your decision.
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You tell him! I see stories on here like this and wonder if they are even true or just pervs maling them up! If it is true this kid has to be made aware that the young 24 yrold babysitter can and WILL some day go to jail for her actions!

Best to stop now while you can!
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You answered your own question in line 1, "i think i may have a little problem."
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It's not a little problem, it's a big one. It will get even bigger The longer you let it go on. It's really creepy. If I was in a situation like that, I don't know what a would do. You need to decide for yourself, though. Will you let it continue or will you put a stop to it now?
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They are always gorgeous in these fantasy stories.
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