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I had sex with my maid! Is it normal?
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Hi, my names Marcus and im 17 years old. We are quite rich and we have a sexy mexican house maid. Shes quite small around 5,7 (im around 6,1)
So ever since we hired her, I can tell she has the hots for me but im not sure if it means she wants to go further.
So anyways, she keeps sending me signs like flashing me and teasing me, etc...
Once when my parents were out we started to kiss and makeout. It was really good and I could tell she was into it. She had her hand in pants and we were gonna go further when my parents came home. We didnt get caught but ever since she has been extremely shy towards me and i wanna change that.
So a few weeks ago we were alone in the house and my parents were gone overnight. I went to the bathroom and the door was open. So i went in and my maid was changing. Her body was fucking hot. So we started talking and she was really embarrased. She wanted to leave as it was getting late. I told her my parents were gone. So i took her to my bedroom and we had sex. It was great. When she came back in the morning she was really nice to me.
Its been 2 days since we did it
so i wanted to make sure its normal to have sex with your maid right?
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Comments (13)
ergh when are people going to stop typing out their unimaginitive fantasys on INN

that never happened
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Haha you're paying for sex
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This was an episode of Seinfeld.
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Fuck her but don't get her pregnant she'll bleed you dry and I mean your bank account not your dick. Make sure she don't take any pictures of you naked or being intimate. Think blackmail mate. If you want pay to play get a hooker & sack the maid it's called entrapment
Comment Hidden (show) fuck the sex bit... i wish i can afford a maid ...not even normal for normal people to have a maid ...hahha
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Why are you demeaning Mexicans?
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that's a bit precious i think ^^ so what if you say she is mexican. she IS mexican. good story i think its normal
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lol demeaning Mexicans.. any way sounds fine to me, you both like each other and you both like sex. As long as it doesn't interfere with her job it's mutually beneficial so you're fine. People quit getting so butthurt over race, seriously it pisses me off. One of my best friends is Mexican and he's one of the greatest people I know. Like you can't mention some one's race or skin color without butthurt ensuing. Oh I mentioned his race I must be demeaning Mexicans lol.
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If any maid is ready or allow you thn dont think twice and push her. Fuck her as much as possible. Talk with ger if she is ready thn enjoy her with ur frnds.
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As long as she cleans up the mess. Fucked then fired. News at 10.
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It is so hot to make a maid naked and eat her like anything. If she is ready yes fuck her. I fucked 12 maids so far. It is very easy to eat them. And they like dirty sex also.
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Fuck her in the ass and tell her you'll pay her five dollars extra
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