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I hate eye contact
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I seem to have a problem with eye contact when talking to someone. In conversation, it makes me uncomfortable to stare someone in the eye when talking to them, it seems intimidating in a pathetic way.I tend to look away a lot which makes the person think that im not interested in them. Am i weird?
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I used to do this but I've been working on keeping eye contact.
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Same here. I think we're both normal, just shy.
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i used to have that problem when i was a teenager,i tried really hard to pretend i'm normal but it only got worse lol cos i was terrified of how not normal i probably am,it seemed the whole world can stare at each other no problem,but i found it intimidating,i thing its the self esteem and confidence problems...when i get more serious problems in my life and i had to deal with them,-it made me a stronger person and i now i'm fine with some moderate eye contact,i still dont stare cos i dont need to,and if someone stares-thats just lack of manners...i still cant eat comfortably in public places though,i just cant relax,-theres always some wanker who looks right at you and the way you eat the same time i examine people sometimes without realising it,when they eat or talk to friends..i guess we cant avoid being a part of society,i wish i was comfortable with attention any time any place...still working on it and im 33.Lena
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No you are not weird. But you do need to learn to make eye contact. Otherwise you give off the wrong impression.
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For me it is normal because I have the same "problem", I think it's because we don't have self-confidence, when I see someone in the eyes I think "what does he think about me?".
(Sorry if I make mistakes, i'm not very good in english.)
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I have the same thing, I believe it's because I fear confrontation. I look someone in the eye if I'm going to fight them. Or lie to them.
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yeah i used to be like that its just shyness or lac of confidence dont owrry itl go away sooner or later
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I have the same exact problem. People always get all mad, accusing me of not paying attention, but I simply hate eye contact. It freaks me out to stare at someone and vice versa.
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When i started middle school, i wouldnt look anybody in the eyes when talking to them, ecpessically newer friends, like i had this one friend and wouldnt look her in the eyes and when i did i would look away awkardy
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me too
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