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I HATE long fingernails!
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I can't stand having fingernails or toe nails that are long enough to show the white tip of them. I have to peel it off. I can't stand it for other people to have long fingernails either. Normal?
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Comments (11)
I can't stand it when guys have long fingernails....freaky!!
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It grosses me out so much. I always cut my nails when they grow long enough that the white tip shows.
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men with long nails make me feel sick
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its yuck aye
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Real nails are ok when they are long-ish. Fake nails, however, make me ill. I hate the way they look. Do women really think they look good??!! Especially when they are sooo long that they curve and usually are painted so bright and awful. Blech! What a waste of money
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Short nails definitely accentuate the beauty of hands more.
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i agree heh? they do bring out the beauty of the hands more
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i hate having fingernails too i can't stand any white to show. I also think it's gross and unattractive when other people have long nails. for women, i also think it's very old fashioned to have long fingernails.
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I can't stand having long nails because I bite them sometimes, and I'm so used to keeping them short anyway. I don't care if other people have long nails; I just don't like them on me.
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LOL I can't stand having my fingernails short.
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