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I hate my family
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I hate my family soo much , i hate the way they talk , the way they walk , i just hate them soo much >> is it normal ?!
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You have no idea how much I hate my family.

My father is a liar and a coward, while my mother is a super conservative holier-than-shit bitch.

My brother is a videogame addict.

My aunt, who lives with us, is a monstrous obese thing that leaves behind an awful smell and always supports my mother.

I hate them so much. Everytime i accomplished something, they never cared. My brother always calls me 'autist' (i had a very mild form of ADD), but if i say something to him, the entire family pounces on me.

My mother used to beat me when i was little, saying i'd never amount to anything. Now, she just screams at me and hides my laptop and xbox/ps3 controllers. Even now that i got a half-scholarship to Georgetown, she insists i'm a loser and no-good deadbeat Bohemian.

My dad never really cared much about our personal lives. He's the person in my family i hate the least, just because he never did anythinh. But that's why i hate him, because he was never there for me.

I hate my backwards thinking aunt, who still lives with this 1950's notion that children should do whatever they're told without questioning and all that stuff.

I hate them so much... God, if it weren't for the future ahead of me, I'd have killed them already. I have NOTHING in common with my family; whenever i bring up something i find interesting, they call me a nerd or freak. They have done so much damage to me, and can only wait for the College semester to start, so that i can put myself at least 40 states in between me and them.

Thank god for College...
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Good for you. Your life is just starting. Use them for whatever you need to get a degree and when you graduate, tell them to suck it. I hate my folks too man.
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I used to feel just like that, for months and months. Then it just stopped. I was happy. I went back to school, but I began hateing all my friends and everything about them and always wanted to be friends. After months and montghs of that, I finally was happy. In fact, that was yesturday. It felt so great and relieving to feel fine again. maybe you should make a list of everything you hate about them and everything you love. Tear up the hate side and burn it up. Would that mayeb make you feel better?
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Same here, me and and my family don't have nothing in common!
Im just waiting till get enough money to buy a house and help me survive, then ill go away and they will never hear from me again!
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to everyone saying well they hate you too! and you should respect your family tsk tsk ..who are you to tell this person that you know no details about you dont know who this person is some people have it bad shit happens to them that you couldnt dream up in your wildest nightmares so untill they have layed out there whole life story in front of you i recommend you shut your ignorant mouth i used to let people like you try and controll how i felt and made me feel in denial and bad for how i felt about my family but you know what i cant stand them and i dont give a shit who knows or who wants to argue that opinion aint goin nowhere.
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I feel so at home on this page.
Enlightened by the fact that it is alright to hate my family.

My Brother has been verbally and physically abusing me since young while my parents closed an eye.
All his doings, including slapping and punching my father and mother was erased after a few days.

They go back to doting him, and openly favoring him more in front of me.
He also bullies my sister but she often forgets and would rather choose to talk to him and ignore me.
Like WTF?!

why is he getting such treatments after him doing all these to them while i am the one they're ignoring!

I really hope to go overseas next year.
This family is a JOKE and will drive me crazy sooner or later!
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hahaha, I'm sure your family hates you too, that's why they feed your ass, and keep you our of the street,

Shut up!
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Sorry, think you should shut up. Family is MORE than feeding someone's ass and keeping them out of the street.

If that's all what you see as a family, then I really wouldn't want to live in a household like that!
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I keep trying to imagine... what kind of a walk arouses hatred in the people around one.

I just can't figure out what kind of a walk it is.
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Well if you just hate the to hate them then its not normal. But if they did something to you to make them hate you then it is normal.
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I hate my family, I hate my mother told me to die, I hate my sister asked me to be scrap wood!you same with me ??
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Your MOM told you to die?
Thats not motherly hun. Do they like, feed you, and everything. As long as that was just a one time thing, theres no reason for, like, child services. But that really worries me. Are you ok?
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oh my god me too like for no reason well when it comes down to it there are reasons but like whenever my brother just even chews his food and i can hear it i go crazy i hate my whole fmaily
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try spending some time away. maybe that'll change.
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And at the first comment,veeeeeeeeeery good reasons for hating your family.
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I hate my sister she is 9 years old and she does the most irritating things in the world on purpose. She makes me emotional sometimes. I always tired and cranky evey morning by the way she snores across the halls and I hate how she does everything she even blinks wierd and she always gives me an attitude and evil eye.
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im 22,
My dad is 70 this year and my mum is close to 65 shes from the phillipines
so everything she says and does is a reflection from her family over there
which is strict and everything you do has a consequence (she treats me like im 10)
while my Dad is a volatile man who smashes things when things go wrong and blames
me for stealing .. he watches and follows me in the kitchen thinking im stealing stuff
(mainly food even though i put money towards food each week) he locks food away in a box in his room
and brings it out when its basically almost past its expiry date , its so fucked up ive even told my cousins
and they just laugh but its serious that he does it.

They brought me up with no love really , even to this day its obviously affected me
cause i cant really get on with people, im serious .. i cant have a conversation with
anyone and i have no friends.I sit at home on the computer all day (living at home)
i want to move out but its hard to be motivated by yourself when you have no confidence
whatsoever in yourself and dont really know who you are and each day they remind me
of it and always refer to me as a "waste of space".

My brother is the same as me but he has grown up and has become exactly like mum and dad
ive only just recently noticed it though , they talk a lot and its always so annoying listening to
them talk ..its like listening to 3 ppl who just met who are so self cautious so awkward..
we dont even look at each other when we talk.

I am on the benefit and ive gone to numerous courses but i just dont know what to do with my life
who i am , i just feel like i am nothing to nobody and its all because of my family..

eg. My mum opens my letters , she reads them and then tells my dad what the letter was and then
they try tell me what to do when they dont even understand how that is so wrong and if something goes wrong
even if its between me and my friends (when i had them) my mum would go over there and try sort it out
she thinks i cant even think for myself i mean she even tryed to chose my friends for me , i cant do anything about it ..
while im under this roof they think they own me.

My 18th and 21st birthdays consisted of my mum inviting her friends and i invited noone
i didnt even get the chance . so my 21st which was supposed to be the most important bday?
i had a bunch of my mums friends playing fuckin kareoke while i sat there
and just wanted to die that night.

I honestly dont know what to do , if i had the motivation and balls to move out i would but i need a job
and direction of what i want to do cause thinking if i did it right here this very moment.. id be so lost
and alone , i feel like i was born in the wrong family ;/.
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@: amarks
Just signed up to tell you I'm here in Brazil going through pretty much the same thing, I'm also 22 BTW.

Try to find a physiology, I did it and it helped a lot, now I at least know where to start from healing this shit. And, man, get the fuck out there as soon as you can! Really! they'll kill you from inside out. You will be much better without 'em. :)
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I just hate my parents. they don't give a shit about me. whenever we would go on vacation, we would go with this family that i truly hate. they would always start shit with me. My family and i would always get into fights and arguments. I remember one being so bad that my parents almost divorced each other. my mom is type of person who thinks that she's always right, she thinks that she knows best for me although, she doesn't. she always threatens me saying that i'm gonna kill her. My dad just works, talks and does nothing around the house. he tries but fails. i know that its the effort that counts. he uses minimal effort towards helping around in the house. The one thing that he does that drives me nuts is when he would say tomorrow when i ask him to do a favour for me. Obviously he never does it. I just want to finish school, go to medical school and get a job so that i won't need to speak to my family again.
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I hate my family.
They are a bunch of insensitive and selfish people. I am a Christian myself and because my family members are Buddhists, I get judged at most of the time. I am upset and tried to defend my belief only to be mocked at by them again. My dad is a violent man and he used to beat me up when I was a teenager. When I was fifteen, he slapped me thrice and used a MP3 to seek for forgiveness as I ignored him after the incident. After which, he was abusive again and used the remote control to hit my head and smacked my face till I was half blind. From then on, I hated him to the core and I swear I would never talk to him ever again. It's been five years and still counting. My mother was desperate for love. She dated guys who were married. I could not accept it but I did not want to interfere with her love life as long as she is happy and she plays her role as a mother. However, things changed The married man who is currently with my mum told her things that make her drift away from us. As he knew that I didn't like him to be with my mum, he disliked me and told my mum things which make my mum hated me more. After my mum dated him for around six months, she was not as caring and loving as before. When she sees me, she will feel irritated and find excuses to say about how the family has owed her and she's having the best time of her life with this man. The worst thing is my sisters are happy that my mum is with this guy and said that my dad hasn't played his role as a husband well. I disagreed with them totally as I feel that this is not the way to seek love, especially from a married man. Furthermore, my parents are not divorced yet. When I told my sisters that it's not right for my mum to date a married man, my sisters will start attacking me together and make fun of my religion. Sometimes, I just get so upset with my family that I wish they were all dead and I don't need to see them ever again. Sometimes, I want to shift out of this damn house but I am financially unstable and my mum has signed my bond which will last for the next 7 years. ahhh! How I wish I can just disappear from this family and lead my own life!
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@: Lollie
I admire you for your courage to stand up for your faith. we should switch places my christian family would be perfect for you. i am an atheist by the way
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I hate my family, I hate their expectations, I hate their personalities, and I. Hate. Them. Idol but it makes me feel satisfied when I flip em off and cuss em off behind they're backs. I could really care less sometimes I just wish I could crawl over and die with how much even "hi" from them annoys the crap out of me. I just sit back and think "go die in a hole"
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It's not normal to hate your family, but who wants to be normal or mainstream? You shouldn inherit a culture, or religion from them, you should be what you want you to be. Look at your parents as being biological sponsers first and not necessarily role models or anything. Don't even feel guilty about it, just be the best you that you can be. Go Georgetown
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I understand you. I don't hate my family per se; I sort of go through these phases of hating different family members at some point, almost in cycles. Currently, I am livid with my older sister. She makes so many foolish decisions, and every time I confront her about them, she ignores me. I always make my case, and she almost never has a sound, logical argument other than "it's my life" or "it's my body". She's almost 25 and she acts like someone who's 15. Our latest argument is about a tattoo she wants to get. Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not completely against getting body mods, but I was against the one that she wants because I think it'll look stupid; plus, there's a high risk of it affecting employment opportunities in her field. This is a pretty permanent decision (unless she's willing to get the skin-burning operation to get it removed if she finally sees my POV). I tried to explain my logic as to why she shouldn't get it and she shrugs everything off. As her brother, it hurts that she doesn't even listen to what I have to say. Maybe I wouldn't mind her decisions if she'd at least hear me out. I mean, this is just a small example of what she does that pisses me off. The biggest thing she's ever done to piss me off is get married to that intolerant, uneducated redneck that is my brother-in-law. His nickname with his friends is literally "Dumb-ass", that's how dumb he is. She got married to him a month after she graduated from college, which consequently screwed up her chances of starting a sound career because she catered to my brother-in-law's wants and wasted all that hard-earned money my parents spent on her to go to school and make something of herself. She's just unbelievably stupid... It's not just my sister though, I go through stages of hating my father because he can be a major asshole. He gets angry at my mother and I for no reason. I mean, he's involved in my life and has shown me love, but I've gotten into too many arguments (and a few fist fights) with my dad also; normally over nothing. One time he MMA-styled punched me in the head for calling him "idiot" or something really mundane. Another example is he shoved me so hard, I almost flipped over our kitchen table after I tried to calm him down and told him to leave my mother alone when he was pretty much mentally abusing her. He doesn't snap very often, but one time is enough, let alone a handful of times, right? My mom is probably the only one I can't really hate. Don't get me wrong, my mom does stuff that pisses me off; but I also recognize that half of what she does is because of her crappy life experiences. My mom drinks a lot to compensate for her horrible mood and she's always down on herself and thinks she's useless, which I would have to disagree. I hate her because I don't understand why she does this to herself, but part of me cares and wishes she would get the self-confidence she needs. I don't know, I plan on moving out of the States ASAP because honestly I hate my situation, including being in this senseless country with its rancid culture. I just don't want to leave my mom alone with my dad because I'm afraid he's going to be a dick to her again.
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My mums just a bitch
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I hate my family..and I don't know what is worse,when your family keep picking on everything you do or act like you're not even alive.My family never visit me,never did on birthdays or graduation.I feel no love towards them anymore because of what they've done to me,there's so much hate inside,i've been betrayed by them,called a lier,nobody ever trust me,when I do something good,they pretend they never heard of it.I feel dead,so fucking dead I just want to quit.Every time my friend says "hold on" and I believe I can do it,they push me down even harder,it's like endless circle and the only thing I can do is suffer.
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I hate mine with a passion and hope they suffer terribly :D
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My dad has a fake personality(causing major social problems growing up) and my mom is a drama queen. My 2nd oldest brother has no motivation to get his shit together. my other 2 siblings are more or less normal and are moved out and i hope to be in a simalar position soon
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Me too i fucking hate my family! Who really fucking annoys me the most is my little sister who just turned 14 yesterday. Im the oldest in the house. Im 18. Not leaving home until 2015 which is the year i graduate from high school. Okay my little sister annoys the fuck outta me. She has severe autism and has the maturity of a fucking 2 year old! She cries and screams all day, she's fat (weighing 192 at only 5'1) and i always see her stuffing her fat face with junk food. My mother only cares about her and not me! She runs into my room in the middle of the night by making loud retarded sounds thats why she has no friends i don't blame her. My brother is annoying and my mother never listens to me. I can't fucking wait to leave the house!
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You know I respected my famil and support them whatever they want in their life. When I graduated highschool, I thought my life would not be complete without them. After I graduated college, I began having problems. Like I could not get motivated to find meaning in my life.

Our family became apart because of my father's issues with other women. From then on our lives will never be the same. My mother had her own boyfriend too. Which I hate soo much. I had a series of businesses that failed.

After that I realize, I love my family so much that everything about our family I supported them, I was there for them. I advice them. I reach out to them. I sympathize with them. I was happy for them when they graduated and now had phd's. After that everything change.

They are now successful. Yet despite I am also educated. I never receive appreciation from them. It was always them telling me I am abnormal. Or like are you alien or something? It comes to a point when they just don't care about me. So I go on with my life work, studies and blogging.

At some point, I was aware they look down on me. It's like I love my family soo much to the point they made me drive for them. Clean the house. Pay meals for them (which I don't care as long as I contribute).

Another thing, they are not proud of why I choose to be a simple person with simple and deep outlook in life. BTW, I am spiritual more than them. I love life. Despite the fact, I have been so hurt many times. Yet I still keep on loving. Maybe its life. Or probably after this I am going to choose something that has more meaning in my life.

Trying to connect the dots here.
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Somebody please help!!

Okay so I don't completely hate my family. My dad is super intelligent and followed his dreams and I feel I can completely relate to him, but he's very religious and I love physics. He also loves science (in a way) and we have conversations about it but I often find if I bring up a subject he doesn't agree with, which is common in science, he totally dismisses it. My mom on the other hand is honestly dumb. Her side of the family is so dramatic and over the top and it's a pain visiting cousins and aunts. They just never stop complaining!! My mom really doesn't understand me AT ALL. I have a little sister who is like her pet and she always makes up lies about me and I just get blamed for everything. My mom is always moody with me for no reason. It's honestly the absolute worst. I grew up as an only child for 11 years so I love being alone and honestly, siblings are a pain. I like to be alone, like my dad, doing whatever. I love reading but my mom as I said is quite dumb so she doesn't understand and gives out to me a lot for sitting down reading for a few hours. I just can't handle her family dramas. That's the problem. There's always a problem in their family and I'm always stuck in it. I just need some advice ASAP please!!
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My parents are super religious, like no pants allowed only skirts,vegetarian,no unsupervised activity with a boy until marriage, worship every morning and evening. little do they know that i don't believe in god,I've lost my virginity and i smoke weed all the time. My mom also hits me for random things,she has never hit my sister. as soon as i have the chance in moving as far away from them as i possibly can
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Well,you were spawned from the same genes so shut up and deal with it!
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Don't think someone who was brought into this world because they didn't have a choice should just "shut up and deal with it." They have much right as the next person to complain about something that bothers them i.e. they're family rather than some jerk's telling them to do that.

Shittest advice ever.
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Think yourself lucky you have a family. Soon enough they'll be gone!
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you hate the way they walk?

Either they have the most unimaginable way of walking or its just amazingly easy for you to hate.
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@: Mimir2
Perhaps you just can't stand looking at someone you don't like, but I think that conclusion would be a lot from someone like you to find for yourself, right?
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it depends on what you mean, if you mean its because you dont like the way they talk to or if its the way the act towards you.
its normal for people to not get on with their family and the word hate is probably a little stronger than how you actually feel
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You may feel lucky to have a family.No one has the same fortune to be like this.
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I wish I didn't have a family. But If I didn't, I'd want one. But when I find out how much I hate them, I wouldn't want a family. Your screwed either way:(
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It's better having nobody than having a shitty person in your life.
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i bet they hate you too.
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Yeah, "great" reasons to hate your family.
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go and find a psyc
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they fukin h8 u
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@: natale
This was 8 years ago. I hope this refreshes things so you can see how nasty you were at this time. I hope you are a nicer person these days :)
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you should respect your family
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Why should we respect our family?

They should respect us! They're the ones that brought us into the world (we didn't ask to be born into this boring fucked-up world!), and therefore, the responsability falls on them!

And who are you to tell us to respect? You've never lived with families like ours!
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F*** that, in some cases family hurts you the most!
More than strangers off the damn streets!
They'll hold you back from being what you want to be,
especially parents. Because you chose not to be like them and nothings worst then when they encourage everybody in the family to turn on you!
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Please, conservative thoughts of "you should respect your family because they are your 'family'" are old. We live in a modern society where we question thoughts like these.

Why should I should respect my family?
Because they're my family.

Right, so if a minimum helping of food and a roof is meant to show 'love' then that's not a valid reason as to why I should respect someone who has a percentage of the same chromosomes as me.
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