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I Hate Seafood!
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I hate seafood. All of it. Why does this seem to offend so many people? I say 'I don't like seafood.' and they react like I said 'I hate breathing air.' or 'I only shower once a month.' Then they try to convince me that 'I've never had it prepared correctly' or 'if they cooked it for me I'd like it.'. Why can't people just accept that some people do not like seafood. Do other people who do not like seafood get these same reactions??
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Comments (13)
I hate seafood too! And they all say. ," you just haven't had good seafood!"
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Don't worry about such a small thing. And never let anyone force you to eat something you don't like. I think it's cause seafood stinks and makes you smell like a dead fish after we eat it.
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tell them you'll eat a cockle if they eat a spider
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Lol^^^ that sucks
But I hate seefood too! Everytime someone makes it for me, they force me to try it. I try to refuse but they act like I spit in their face! And when i go out to eat and someone orders seefood, they always insist I try some. I didn't order in for a reason!!
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I have always hated seafood. Especially shrimp, crab, & lobster. I can't deal with the smell or the texture. IMMIEDIATE GAG REFLEX!!!!When I tell people I don't eat that sh%&$ they always look at me like I'm nuts. I really hate when people say "You never had it prepared correctly". I don't care if Wolf Gang Pok & Emmeril made it i still wouldn't like it.
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I can't do any seafood or shell fish!! It's the texture, the smell, and everything about seafood. The best way to get out of eating seafood is say you are allergic to it. I learned this from my Jewish friend who doesn’t eat shellfish and didn’t want to “make a scene”. No one will ask/make you try something you are allergic too. It's a polite way to get out of it!
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Chill out.
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It is perfectly normal to not like food like that. I hate all food made by my mom, and I was kicked out of the house that way.
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It's normal, but I love seafood
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I get this from people constantly. Fresh doesn't smell - like hell it doesn't. I really don't get why people give me a hard time about it. They constantly suggest I try it, as if I haven't. Try a different kind. Does it matter that shrimp smells and tastes exactly the same (disgusting) as Mahi?

It gets so old.
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I never liked seafood, ever since my mom made me eat some when I was a little kid it made me vomit. It is not just the taste of seafood that I don't like, I can't stand that fishy smell either.
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people who eat seafood are like vegans but worse. much worse.
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How can you hate seafood!
I guess you never had it prepared correctly..
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