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I hate wearing dresses/dressing up
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I usually just wear casual jean/shorts, shirt type clothes. I never wear dresses, because it just doesnt fit how I am. I like to run around and sit in random positions, do things that are deemed inappropriate to do if you are wearing a dress. Problem is most girls my age dress up, and wear dresses all the time (well around my area). I haven't really thought much into it until now because I realize my exes always wanted me to wear skirts/dresses or dress up...which I haven't done because I was too damn comfortable with casual comfortwear. Now I see the people they date now or use to, and those girls wear dresses all the time.

Its got me thinking, do most guys prefer girls to dress up like that? I get they want their girls to look feminine, but I am feminine and always look feminine...minus the dresses and what not lol. Do other girls experience the same issue? Is it normal that I'm not all into dressing up because of my active way of acting?
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Before my fiance and I got together I never wore dresses, ever!!! But once I found “the one” (and I’m 30 so it took me a bit longer) I found that I liked to dress up for him, to be more girly shall we say. He loves when I wear dresses so I do it for him sometimes, not all the time, but when I feel like being girly. So I don’t really think the guys wanted you to wear a dress ALL the time but just sometimes, surprise your next boyfriend and put a dress on for him. That’s just my advice too you =) … Best of Luck to you...
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I'm a guy (and a strange one), so I couldn't tell what other men think about how they want women to dress, but if men's magazines are any indication, the women in them don't wear anything! :-D

I embrace in non-conformity and love it when people take jabs at society's expectations (and particularly jabs at gender roles), so naturally, I think it's cool that there are women who prefer to dress in "men's" clothing. (Casual and formal, outer and under.)
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I hate warring them too!! Fuuuu
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Try putting me in anything other than jeans and a casual shirt, and I'll kill you with a death glare.

I'll get dressed up for formal occasions, but that's only when I can't avoid them.
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Then dont wear them
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I fucking love dresses and skirts. But if you don't, that works too, lady.
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Being comfortable in your own skin is very important. I'm a dress girl only because I was raised as a boy and had to wer slacks all the time,
I do have slacks but they are definely feminine.
Willie wigglelance said "To thine own self be true."
I've seen some beautiful women not in dresses.
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I love feminine things and being girly, but not all the time.
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Wear them to parties and to church. Dress down on weekdays. Find the one who loves you for who you are.
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I don't get to wear dresses all the time! But enjoy wearing them on special occassions...
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It's up to yourself.It's normal and on one can decide which you wear!
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Is it wrong to try and look lady like / feminine...? Are there not more than ample females who wake up, get out of bed, put on ratty jeans or shorts, a tee shirt that looks like it's ready for the dumpster,, flip flops, hair that looks like a residency for creepy crawlies, and no make up what so ever..
It's very fine to be casual, but one doesn't have to look like you're a prime subject for the "curb pick up" on garbage day...

There's not a day goes by that I DON'T wear HIGH HEELS, and always feminine apparel c/w make up... AND I'm NOT a g/g....!!!
I'm a long time married c/d - t/v...
Women to me are the greatest product since Coca Cola....!!!
Why can't you who were born as a g/g project this to the nines and be proud of whom and what you are by dressing appropriately.. I hatemales, and what they represent, and this is why I am what, and who I am...
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Seriously? Way to assume I wear ratty shit, and don't fix myself up.

I just simply said that I don't like to wear dresses or high heels regularly like I see some other female doing.

Never said anything was wrong with dressing feminine, you can still dress feminine without wearing a dress.

Next time read carefully as to what I post lol, not at all was it arguing against what you were saying/stand for.
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