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I hate when guys gang up on 1 guy because they're jealous.
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It's so obvious to me that this guy is smarter than any of them, but they spend all day trying to prove to me how stupid he is. Jealous much?
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this is their brains tricking them into hating this guy and to remove him from their social circle because their subconscious has judged him as a competitor that they cant compete with sexually. They probably don't have any idea that their subconscious mind is manipulating them to violent hatred.
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@: Cyclops
some girls are too dumb to see through their lies and manipulations.
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why do you guys think i'm single lol?
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This is so confusing ...
Who is ganging up on who? What guys? It's all so vague
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What are you doing about it? Did you help the guy? If you're just being that bystander watching it all play out, then you have no right to complain.
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Due to the many wars that have happened over the ages women out numer men by over 10.
You also have to remember we are mammals and we often forget that. But we have instinctual needs. They all want your affection and in the past they would physically fight for you. But being that we have laws and social obligations they resort to belittling him as to try to prove to you that he is weak and not the right choice for a mate.

Basically think of birds, during mating season the males fight for the right to mate with the women. However, the women have the final say so they know that you would prefer him thereby making them feel worthless. They know they cannot compete so they are trying to make you feel like he's just as bad as them or less.

If you like this guy tell him so and let him know that and also let him know that he needs to stand up for himself.
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