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I hate when people use the term "ugly" in normal day conversation...
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Like it actually means nothing that you're insulting someone. I recently saw a story on here and the person (I won't say who) said "Oh yeah...even if she's ugly this and this and blah blah blah"

The thing is, I just hate that people us the term "ugly" so nonchalantly, like it doesn't MEAN anything that you just insulted someone on their appearance and you can go on in your conversation. Honestly when people use this term in regular conversation I just cringe.
How can you think this about someone, judge someone on looks, and just think it's okay and just fine to feel this way and be so STUPID.
Seriously, people are so shallow and inconsiderate to people's feelings.

I'll admit, I sometimes think to myself that a certain person isn't very attractive or something, but then I catch myself. Every time. I feel horrible. I feel like a horrible person because I'm not very attractive either and honestly there's something beautiful about EVERYONE no matter what. I have to remind myself that.

But it seems I'm the only one who really cares or feels empathetic.
And guys (I know not all of you are like this) but when they're describing a girl as object. "Oh yeah that ugly girl over there..."

again, no sympathy or remorse for their actions.

And my friends do this too! Just today my friend was going through the yearbook and was pointing out all the ugly people. And she didn't feel bad, she went on and on till I finally told her she was being an ass. (It really hurts because I'm REALLY not photogenic but whatever...)

Anyway, I hate this. Is it normal?
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People probably just say it without thinking because the world is in all reality, very shallow. You on the other hand glimmer with inner and outer beauty unlike the regular person.
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I agree - being rude and judgemental is ugly.
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I feel you.

Whenever someone around me starts talking about ugly, I kind of want to punch them in the face. I think that unless you are really gorgeous, you really have no right to be talking about ugly. But beauty is subjective so I suppose, in a sense, people should not be talking about ugly, period.

But I falter, too. I know when I think someone's ugly, but I try to refrain from saying anything about it and I try to find something great about them. Usually works.

It's hard to be totally blind to "ugly" traits in such a shallow world, but I think I can smile knowing that I'm not as shallow as most people and I can usually see the beauty in everyone.
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I rarely use the term ugly anymore, I say 'unfortunate looking' because it's not their fault. It's not normal to get so worked up about it though, but maybe the world would be better if more people did, but still, uncommon.
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Wow, I completely agree with you. I can't stand that people think they have a right to classify who's good and who's bad looking. We all have our own tastes right? Well, we should but unfortunately modern day like has drowned that, we are "sheeple" who like what we're supposed to. It sickens me.
Anyways to my point, the popular sex-driven male fantasy look is not such a safe thing for women in my neighborhood to have, if you want to walk around alone. Seriously, people will try to use you and life is not easy. Everyone else is either jealous of you or thinks you must be promiscuous.
Whatever, point is, we`re past judging people by skin color, why do we still judge them by body shape, by hair color, but clothing style? Is this not discrimination??
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Nothing against the word ugly, I do not like it when people use it too much, specially about people close by, but now if a friend points at some random fat angry bitch and says: woah look at that ugly mofo! I would just laugh, now if it was a friend i would get pissed. Safe to say, care about those that deserve your care, leave the rest, no reason to get pissed at your best friend if she tells you something like: Michael Jackson sure was ugly!
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Calling someone ugly is a victimless crime if you don't know them and they will never hear you.
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Too long
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A person can be attractive on the outside but if their rotten on the inside... Then thier ugly.
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