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I have a fetish about bras, and i masturbate, IIN?
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I'm 18 aged boy, i'm rocking person in my friends circle, but i have a problem. Actually i'm alot fetish about girls stuff whether its a hair band or like panties, bras, other girly stuff!! From a very kiddy age i used to look bras tat hanging out after every wash! This begin into next level, in age of 13 i was very fetish about bra! Especially black coloured bra! And i start them to wore, i used to steal from my mom's cupboard or steal from my aunt's, my friend's mom, houses next to mine! I don't care its whom but only i know its a bra! Wen i get a bra, i used to wear it and make my self sexual in mood and begin to masturbate! Sometimes i'll roam wearing bra! Tat can't be notice by anyone' my mom seen me many times wores bra of her! But she said just take tat stuff off you, sometimes i can't control my sexual temp and i'll go to my aunt's house to steal bra! To count my steals of bra tat would leave to atleast 100, my aunt knew tat bra taken by me, but she has no evidence to prove it, and as i grown up the habbhi came to limit! But nowadays i unable to control it. Even nowadays i use to wear bra including my mom's sexy outfit and masturbate daily... Is this normal? How to overcome from this habit! Pls suggest some ideas and tips to stop this.
Thank you.
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is it the bra that turns you on? or like do you like cross dressing ? x
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There's nothing wrong with that.. it's normal to have a fetish. You don't seem to be hurting anyone, just maybe don't steal, buy a bra of your own or get a wife/girlfriend and do it to their bras.
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A pretty old post, but, it sounds to me like you are to the point of no return. You were in the beginning stages of a crossdresser. I would bet that you have learned that by now. Its fun isn't it.
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