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I have a outie.
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Is it normal to have a big outie bellybutton?
I need help cause summer is almost coming and i dont know what to do, like im scared people are gonna make fun of me . So, is it normal?
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Do you have a pimple on your face? No. Do you have only one tit? No. Does it hurt to be told how strange you look? This is called: ACT OR REACT. Plan an escape from the one whom is trying to get a reaction from you. Example: I had approached you and said...everyone look at his outy...You would say...My mother didn't want me to separate from her at such a young age and by the looks of your belly button your mother dumped you.
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@: yscband
Good one
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Outies are cool! They look cute on girls in my opinion.
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Anyone who makes fun of a bellybutton has some issues with their own self.
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This is completely normal, and if people make fun of you, just ignore them. This is usually caused by the umbilical cord being cut at a longer length, leaving more to tie up, creating your "outie". This is very normal and happens at birth.
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of course it's normal. a ton of people have outies.
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its normal but id be prepared to tell some asshole off..
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About one in ten people has an outie, so it's not as unusual as you think. Also, remember that everyone has the same feelings about some part of their body. Some people don't like their forehead, or feet, or whatever. Part of growing up is accepting your body as it is, no matter what others think of it.
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I have innie and mine two grew into the outie lol
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I used to have an outie but then it changed as I grew up into a innie (:
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