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I have blue boogers
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And I don't know why...

only in my right nostril

and I pierced both of my nostrils like...a month and a half ago...if that has to do with anything...

they're like blue greyish
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could be that the rings in your nose have barnashed. You may need new rings in your nose
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Probably one of the rings is tarnishing or oxidizing. If it's blue that may mean that it has copper or brass in it (?). The oxidation would be blue or green and would color your boogers.

Those metals should not be in your skin. Get new stuff. Be sure that they are surgical steel or another body safe metal.
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that's wierd that they would even sell jewelry that isn't meant to be in a nose

but not suprising

i'm in the process of purchasin some more jewelry...thanks brah
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Well one time i had a blue booger. Stuck my finger up my nose, pulled it out, and there it was I'M NOT KIDDING THIS REALLY HAPPEND!
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ok, so we now know that u pick ur nose. thanks for sharing?
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@: Meepo
by knowing what color a booger is I pick my nose?

I know shit is brown but I don't wipe my ass with my hand...moron
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@: Meepo
lol that was f-u-n-n-y
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