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I have my period too often - is this normal?
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Okay, so ever since I had my first period it's come too often. I have NEVER been able to come up with an answer to this, in all my searching of the internet. Basically, unlike normal people who get their period once every 30 days or so, I more often then not get it ranging from 16-20 days. Once, there was only 10 days between. I'm 19 now and I had my first period at 15. I once asked my auntie and grandma about it (my mom does not share my dilemma) and they had it too. My grandma once said that if it continues too long I'd become barren which I don't really mind, but I just want to know - what is this? (My relatives didn't know.) Is it normal? If there's anyone else out there sharing this stupid problem I'd love to hear from you. It seems pretty obscure. Thanks!
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Som people are just different so just calm down. I know someone that only gets hers every 6 months. I feel your pain it would suck to have a period twice a month but I wouldn't worry to much.
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No!!!!!! You have to count from the beginning of ur period to the beginning of ur next one. Not the end of ur period to the the beginng. Ur normal ur just counting wrong.
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There is no such thing as a "normal" period. Telling us that we have our periods once a month is an know, like the average household has have 2.5 kids. SO this means that some women have their periods more frequently and some less frequently...everyone differs. If you really are worried about it go to an OBGYN and ask them for advice, but I bet they will tell you pretty much what I have just said. Good Luck!

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and that's supposed to be has/have like that lol.
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Call a doctor. Even if it's your primary care doc. They should be able to help you better then we can.
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You qualify for Polymenorrhea, which is the medical term for cycles with intervals of 21 days or fewer. Therefore it is not medically normal. I suggest you see your doctor and try to find a cause.
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I don't know much about this. Even though I'm a girl, I don't get periods. But I grew up around my mom, my grandma, my two aunts and my (female) cousin.

Your situation sounds a bit unusual to me. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if I were you, I'd talk to a doctor anyhow.

And kanachan is right, you might want kids later in life.

Hope this helped. :)
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Not normal. See a doctor for checkup and advice.
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i know how you feel i started taking birth control pills about 3 months after i first got my period at 13 because it just wouldnt ever stop. I had it non-stop for about 3 weeks and would only have a week or so without it. the birth control was supposed to help regulate it and then i was to stop taking them but every time i stopped taking them i would get my period all the time!! ive been taking birth control pills for 7 years now and the last time i tried to get off of them i had my period for 2 weeks had one free week and then finally broke down after another 3 weeks. my mom said the same thing happened to her but unlike me, hers went away eventually... ive talked to multiple ob/gyns and they all say the same thing...that all period are different and everything is fine and not to be worried about that :/ so kinda at a stand still at this point...
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I have the same problem :/
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Go to the docyor maube the pill will help
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You should go see an OB. I don't think 10 days between periods is normal. - and just a thought, you may not care about being barren now, but how about when you decide to have kids later on in life? you might regret it later on. So think about it. I strongly suggest that you see a doctor.
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