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I have no friends in college and feel especially depressed.
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I've had symptoms of depression throughout high schoo, and somehow believed they would stop or be less prominent once I started college but that hasn't been the case. Its gotten worse, and I feel as if I'm slowly losing my mind. Although I talk to my one and only friend and people in my classes, I feel as if i can no longer get close to people and feel myself drifting apart. I feel so alone that I no longer have the urge to be as close to my "best friend",and its really bothersome as she is slowly starting to ignore me. I really don't know what do,I feel as if I have no one to talk to. I really don't like talking to family or friends about my feelings like this therefore I'm having trouble coping with all these emotions. Its gotten to the point where Im having trouble waking up in the morning, and being able to concentrate. If only I just had one person that would listen id be so grateful.
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My fiance uses depression as an excuse to be lazy and bitchy sometimes. Get out of your comfort zone and do something different you pleb.
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My significant other used to refer to me as his fiancée, buy I don't care for using that term without an actual engagement ring. I refer to him as my partner, because he's more than a boyfriend, but I'm just not comfortable saying fiancée right now, because of the ring thing.
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I bought her ring awhile i guess its official...except i dont have mine yet. What is a good ring for a guy? I was thinking a plain 14 karet gold or black tungsten. Some.thing simple.. I dont care about it too much honestly for my own. As long as shes happy. Her ring cost like 300 dollars. When i get mine its probably going to be cheaper like in the 100 dollar range. I think marriage is,kind of silly. It really doesnt mean anything except commitment. We havs been together for about 3 years now. Hopefully it works,out because otherwise,she can,take half of my shit. You,only live once. #yolo. Life is good right now. What is with you girls getting all giddy about shiny metal anyways? I,just dont understand it...I love the girl to death and she knows,about my past poundings. I guess im just getting engaged to be,ironic.
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Past poundings.
Huh huh huh huh.
Um yeah, poundings.

I think it's the whole idea of a diamond being this really hard, sparkly stone. I think your ring choices are good.

If this thing leads to marriage it will be the third time so I'm rather nervous. I really wish I'd never made mistake number two. I love my guy, but I'm scared of making a mistake again. I'm certainly not in a rush.

It's good to take your time with these things.
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Why did hour previous ones fail?
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Have you sought any kind of therapy for this problem? I feel like a douchebag for asking you about therapy, because I haven't seen a therapist since late June. I moved from Nevada to Texas, and to be honest I miss my old therapist a lot. I haven't found a new therapist here, because I don't have a car right now so I'm just putting off looking for a new one due to the hassle of planning around my partner's schedule.

Sorry to be unloading on you when you're the one asking for opinions and advice. I feel like a miserable hypocrite giving you my opinions and trying to make a relatively sound judgment on your situation, because although I'm confident in my convictions I have trouble doing what I need for myself.

Please try to get whatever help you can whether that be from a talk therapist, a medical professional, a member of the clergy or all of the above. The worst thing about depression is feeling so much pain inside, but looking relatively normal on the outside. Also, I think people who haven't experienced it for themselves oftentimes can't understand. It's good to get professional help, but not everyone with credentials is necessarily good at what they do, nor do they always have the best bedside manner. If you don't click with one person try to find someone else. Whatever you do, please don't give up on yourself.

I honestly don't have that many friends I stay current with myself, because my mental health issues tend to cause me to isolate. It's a little embarrassing, but it's true, and despite all the crazy stuff that goes down this site has helped me a lot since I came here.
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I have the same problems only the one friend don't want to know me anymore either I just stay in all time dont know what to do it getting really bad I know this ain't much help to you but u not the only one hope it gets better for u
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I had similar problems, I used mental exercises to help myself
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What kind of exercises?
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I spent most of college without becoming too close to anyone. The deepest friendships I ever made were probably roommates and group project members. I know the faces of most of my classmates, but don't talk to any of them - just listen to them talk to each other.

I'm probably what you'd call very anti-social, and can be pretty happy by myself. But it's taking a toll on me, and I've discovered that if I cut off too much social contact for too long, tempting as that seems, I go a little (a lot?) bonkers.

I'd say, join a club. The smaller the club the better - that way, your absence is noticed, and even if you might not feel like it, you're pressured to show up, regularly. Choose a club that you like, and preferably would give you useful skills for your career - or a healthier lifestyle - either would be really beneficial.

Talking on the internet to strangers is only a temporary fix. Eventually, I'd say figure out who you really want in your life. One or two friends may be enough. I think I have about three. And, I'm not sure I know about you, but you may actually want to keep in contact with your family. I have parents and a sibling, and talking to them - not necessarily about feelings - keeps me sane :)
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