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I haven't had sex in Ten years
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Yes I'm 32 and I haven't had sex in ten years. I used to live in chicago on the south side. I got up with females here and there but none of the relationships lasted six months. I then moved to columbus,Ga; where i got up with this shurm head and that was the last time I had sex. I later moved to plainfield,IL; where I'm surrounded by white folks. I'm african descent and don't make that much money. There are pretty much no females my age around me and it seems like I'm in my own personal HEll on earth. Can anybody who lives a normal sex life help me out.
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Don't listen to the guy above. I know a few black guys, and none of them have ever had any problems getting into relationships, with either black or white girls. The problem is probably, as you said, you don't know very many available girls of your age. The only thing you can do to remedy that is get out there and try to meet new girls. If you're not into the club/bar scene, just join any and every group that is even vaguely associated with something you're interested in. Even talk to some people online to build your confidence up.
And when you start talking to a girl, don't automatically get nervous because you haven't done anything with anyone for a while, chances are a nice girl won't mind if you treat her well.
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In response to your situation bro. I can sort of relate. I am 34 years old and I haven't had sex since before 1999. The thing is, I was always did good with women. I'm good looking. Women liked me. But there has been a combination of alot of different things at work that have led to this. for starters, I broke up with a girl that I thought I was going to marry, that I was with for like 7 years, who never let me have intercourse with her, just oral sex, and just her giving it to me, not the other way around. she wouldn't let me give it to her, except for maybe twice. Now, this girl was my highschool sweetheart. She was without a doubt, a virgin when we started dating, in every sense of the word. We met my senior year, her junior year, and I courted her basically. She was very inexperienced and her parents were very strict, and I dated her for a year before I got my first bj from her. In college I would basically beg her to have sex with me, but she wouldn't. "not until marriage" she would say, or always make up a different excuse. after awhile I just accepted what she was giving because I loved her. And I felt that she loved me. we had intimacy and cuddling and all of that. I just took her as very catholic and conservative and young and naive minded. I'd decided that I would wait for marriage and didn't pressure her ever again. We broke up during that time for about a year and a half but remained "friends with benefits." I was in a fraternity then, and during that time apart I had sex with over a dozen girls. the first girl I have had intercourse with, at the age of 20, was not the girl I had just got out of a 2and1/2 year relationship with. pretty sad. but these other girls were not flings though. I dated and was friends with every one of them during that time. My first love and I later got back together at the end of college, but after college, I stuggled to find a career, and she went off to grad school, and the pressure to land a good job so I could buy her a ring and get married split us for good, because she could no longer stand by and wait for me and watch me struggle so badly. that was almost 9 years ago and I've never really been able to get out on my own ever since and land that good job, and it has hit my self-confidence really hard and my mojo, sort of speak, that I thought I once had. I've never really been able to get over her. I sort of lost touch with friends, so I was a guy alone at a bar trying to find girls, but I had no self-confidence or any place I could take them back to, if we did hook up, because I was either living with my mom, or a sibling, or at a friends, never my own place. and the thing is, now at my age, and for awhile now, I've been feeling like the only pool of girls in my wheel house, sort of speak, are women who have been married and divorced or widowed, and have kids.
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Many girls especially white girls say they would date out of their race but never do. Not that that this should discourage you, it is sadly just how it is.

My advice to you would be to try internet dating, maybe then you can meet someone your age with similar interests, or at least someone receptive to dating you.

If that doesn't work plow some slut to recharge your Mojo. It maybe something chemical or just confidence based, but I think Mojo is real. Shoot man 10 years is a long time, I mean we all have dry spells but 10 is long. Recharge the Mojo!
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Allright buddy, quite an interesting story you got there. But what a mess you got yourself into as well. One thing you need to understand is this , money doesn't make you date women. not necessarily. If you're not financially stable or don't have that much money you can still bag women easily. I'm sure that you must consider yourself old at 32 but you need to realize that you still have a large amount of testosterone, so to speak, you need to take care of yourself. Being surrounded by white folks doesn't mean you leave hell on earth my man. We all humans and 80% of humans are attracted to physical attributes. People here been telling you how sad your story is what you need to do is establish a plan:

1st- Join a gym, a gym is a good place to socialize, those young girls you don't see around you, are gonna be there to get in shape. Socializing is a great idea if you wanna make friend. not clubbing necessarily, you just need to get exposed and be seen by one cutie out there. By getting yourself in shape you'll have mouth watering women around you, willing to get to know you. Not only you'll improve your well being, but you'll feel good about your self. Yes a true boost of self-confidence. Bodybuilding is about 75% nutrition this means that you'll have to watch your nutrition more than you train, but do train if you don't wanna remain a cry baby lol
BODYBUILDING.COM, FLEXONLINE.COM, MUSCLE&FITNESS, buddy get in shape believe you'll have all these girls willing to get laid.

Being in shape will help you get a better job, your self confidence will be there so you'll have the right scheme and approach to touch job interviews, thus you'll improve your finances. At your age is not really about getting laid , you must think more about starting a family and that woman you'll get will give you smooth sex 24/7 that's the price to pay if you put yourself at work now bro. A man who takes care of himself will be a god father. That's exactly how your health, mental, and charisma will come across. Women are willing to mate with healthy men even if you don't have that much money, its instinct. Of course there is a woman out there who will love you for what you are so just do your part of the job and the rest will come. Knowing that you are an African descent you'll pack on slabs of muscles very quickly my friend depending on your body type ( mesomorph, ectomorph or endomorph)any it's in your DNA.
if you don't find women in there soon, move out of there and go down south or LA, they have a younger population melting pot. Now get your ass up and get to work!!!
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Sounds like you need to move somewhere you like people and share your style and interest. Maybe a big city would Atlanta or New York.
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Awwww man I'm sorry I had to laugh at that first post. Uhhhh I think you should go to community college, because maybe you could get a associates degree and possibly make more money, and you could meet a nice girl your age there. =)

Just remember though not everything is about sex. You're 32 not that I'm judging you but I think it is high time you find you a wifey there buddy.
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Goathammer makes me spew. Some girls like brown skin, some don't. I do, but it's skin-colour, not "race". There's no such thing as race. It does rather depend on whether you want a steady girl or just a few to **** with. If your place is full of Goathammers even the girls who like you might fear to be seen with you - they have to live with racists. I'd try to get out of your place to where decent people live.
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I'm 19 and haven't had sex in 2 years since I broke up with my GF. I thought that was bad. Thanks for making me feel a little better. Anyway, I've been to IL and it's not exactly the center of the universe if you know what I mean. Move to a city or somewhere where there are lots of different people and stuff to do. That's my advice.
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Why does it bother you so much????
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get some cunt drunk and then just shove your cock in her mouth. Its easy i do it all the time. im telling you chicks dig it!!
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its because u're poor
try to get rich like snoop dog or tupac
that'll help
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just don't be picky
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get ur dick out the dirt,buy a girl for now
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best advice ever... don't be picky bro
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10 years? Come on! That's plenty of time for you to get some TRIM. There are plenty of things you can do to get a good girl. You can try dating sites, try going out places cafes, libraries, church, clubs, rec centres, movies etc..etc.It's your fault why you haven't had sex with anyone in 10 years. Also the fact that your constantly moving. You need to settle yourself and get out more! New career or second job will help as well.
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I hope the reason is just that there aren't many girls your age around. It would make me sad if it was a race issue. As a white girl, I know my best sex ever was with an awesome and hot black guy ... I mean as much as we try to deny it ... well sometimes bigger is just better. Anywho ... hopefully if you get yourself out there more, go to bars or something where there might be women your age, you'll find someone. Good luck!
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You do not see many opportunities where you live to just have sex, much less move beyond the short lasting relationships of the past. There are suggestions to circulate more. I think you could also consider moving. But its not just about sex, you need to meet people & develop relationships, wherever you are.
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I'm so sorry for you man.I wish I could help you.
But,that's how things are supposed to go.
The only advice I can give you is:
find yourself a gold digger or a cougar.
Good luck with your pussy hunt.
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TY for beating my time! It's been 2007 since I last had sex. I'm still good friends with the old gal I last did it with but Haven't been able to fathom having sex with her again. I feel guilty about it but I'm just not into her like that anymore, I only care alot for her.
I was not really that much of a ladies man either, rosey palmer was the usuall and for that reason still is.
At the time of this posting I'm 36 y/o
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I have you beat by about 4 years. I havent had sex in 14 years. Not that I didn't get the chance; I have had women hitting on me occasionally here and there. But after my wife and I seperated I just sort of, well I don't know. I can't seem to really get into it anymore like I used to. Maybe I'm looking for the right woman to come along. I'm not the kind of person who just jumps in bed with any woman who comes along. The situation has to feel right. So far I just haven't had that right feeling or magical moment or whatever it is. So don't feel bad, shit happens to us all.
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Start wearing a turban like mine. I have found in America chicks dig them.
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Go for the fat chick. Easy gettins.
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do a sl*t or something. Do some guys girlfriend. Something. I had sex on Sunday. You have had sex on sunday....10 years ago. Just do a wh*re.
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I'm 19 and haven't had sex in 2 years since I broke up with my GF. I thought that was bad. Thanks for making me feel a little better. Anyway, I've been to IL and it's not exactly the center of the universe if you know what I mean. Move to a city or somewhere where there are lots of different people and stuff to do. That way you'll probably be more likely to get laid and find someone you get on with. That's my advice.
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you must have balls like watermelons!
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i haven't had sex since i was born and thats 2008. this sum bad azz reefer
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try craigslist and look for a girl that loves the jungle fever
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I signed up with this SITE because of this article. LOOK. If you said "I didn't have sex in ten years because I'm a Hindu understudy who took a vow of no sex" I would be like COOL.
To not do something for 10 years, that you want to do because you think you can't is pathetic.
I don't care if ur a Russian Jew in Ishtanbul.
I don't care if you have an inverted penis.
I don't care if you compulsively shit yourself when talking to girls, you can have sex.
The dufey-est guy can get the hottest girl on the planet if he makes her laugh.
Try being funny...
for somebody who wrote this hysterical of a concept, your story is BLAH
Now get out there and make me proud!
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you can blame it on many things but it is actually cause your a negro. that is your problem.
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YOU have problems if you think that there is something wrong with "negros"!! seriously!!
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Dont be racist...
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what bitch what do being a negro gotta do with anything you little racist bitch
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