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I is normal i can predict future
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When i was 10 and now im 17 this happened when i was sleeping on the bed with my dog i had a dream of disaster will come after 1 day it happened then another dream were i got hit by a car on the street later that day we almost got hit by a car anpother and the best one a murderer killing 3 ofour neighbors then at night i didnt sleep i called the police and they cme to our house i told them to wait inside hide the car and we seen the murderer he was about to steal stuff and many more dreams but.
I had this dream the newest dream last month many people will suffer cuz idk Donald trump maybe i've seeen it killing massacre but i hope it wont came true help me i cant stand this power anymore some people think that im just kidding but no pls help me someone spychology shit
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Odd how you can see the future yet CAN'T SEE YOUR SPELLING MISTAKES!!!
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stop yelling.
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I was in a hurry it was 8:50 my class is 9:30 sorry
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Yes, delusion is normal.
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I have the same thing . It's like a feelings of dejavu but stronger?It happens randomly and when it does in that short 2-4 second I can predict what will happen atlest I feel I like I when someone's talking and their next I will know what they are going to say next or when I'm browsing internet I will feel like I will know what will happen next.without actually knowing it.It's confusing and trust me I'm always confused when that happens
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your gay
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Lol i was on a hurry it was 8:59 and my class is 9:30 i was in a hurry cant check my spellings
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