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I just know it's gonna hurt tomorrow
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So I'm still trying to reach my g-spot in my ass. I tossed the vibrator because that was some weak ass shit. I just continued to use the spatula handle because it can go deeper.

I think I found a spot that has the potential to be stimulated... but it takes too long. precum does come out but then my dick starts to go limp :(

I shoved an ice cube up my butt.

I feel so sad because it feels like I will never find my cum button :(

I tried a tablespoon afterwards because I wanted to see if "scooping" that area would work better... but the ice numbed me and I think tomorrow I will be in a bit of discomfort.

Any advice?
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Before you go and shove everything in the house up your butt do some research. Three top four inches is all you need and it's your prostate that you want to stimulate. A dildo will work not a vibrator. Best thing to do is Jack off and work a dildo at the same time until you feel it build. Then when you feel like it's about to come go hands free. Soon you will be able to cum completely hands free.
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If you like ass play so much, go to the local gay bar. You need an experienced man with fat hairy knuckles to really get in there with his thumbs. Metal objects are not going to work.
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The sailor is dead
Quite a visual there...
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Have you ever tried this? Just teach me how :'( I feel like I'm just going to give up. Like I do with everything in my life. Everything I touch eventually dies. My mom thinks I'm weird. My butt does hurt a little bit today but not too much. Last time I did this I had to clench my butt at work the entire day because I was too scared I might poop instead of fart
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Try pineapples or hand grenades. Or find a hot guy and bend over. I dunno man, if you keep this up you're gonna have to sew your butthole shut and wear a colostomy bag :'(
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They have prostate massagers and buttplugs you can order online. Have you tried those? Maybe they'll work.
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