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I keep failing driving tests
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I have been trying for a couple of years now to pass my driving test. I have failed eleven practical tests now and my theory test ran out on the day of my last test. I booked another theory test and failed it by 1 point only. So now I am back to square one again. I have to start all over again and book another theory test. I am past crying, and feeling sorry for my self and I have achieved alot of other things in my life that I am happy about but driving seems to be my downfall. Has anyone else had a similar experience to this..
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Comments (28)
I think you have got a bad response from this because the people that have replied have probably passed because they do not have the intellectual depth to get nervous. I have known many people who cannot achieve much of significance pass their driving tests. I have just failed my fifth and yet I know someone who has actually killed someone with their driving and has passed. This is because they can keep their nerve on the test. There are many people who take longer to pass and many are much safer drivers because of it. Keep going. You have come to far to stop. Keep at it with determination and you will do it. Just see it as a project and never give up.
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i have just failed my test for the 6th time as of this afternoon so I FEEL not dumb, or high, or the reckless type. one of my instructors made a reference to a certain gentleman on her roster who failed 17 times-sounds like a record to me, poor chap.i have had something like 20 hours of professional tuition and months of practicing around the nieghbourhood, so its not like im going in unprepared.i think the examiners are biased by now-from the second attempt onwards, with that as a black mark against me...and now my anxiety level is through the roof and my driving is getting LAMER as a result.i dont know how many more times i can put myself through this!if you pass, or i pass, lets post it for each other as support!
as for ALL THOSE WANKERS, who ive tried to flag(as every decent, right-minded person should do!)remember what kind of accident-causing assholes are handed the right to be on the road, by the thousands,and ill bet its usually those smug ones boasting how little effort or seriousness they bothered to apply to it- oh, you are SO cool{not}, the way, nice racial slurs, too. very enlighted. may those haters get reincarnated in vietnam as as sewage rats!
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have you passed your driving test yet?
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Me two i just failed my test for 6 times one majore mistake put back the signal, he failed me for that i'm really down and i don't know if i ll pass for next time my theory is going to expired the 16/02/12, i'm depress my doctore increase my depression tabletes, always took 4 days off before my test but i don't know but to do i can't think, crying all day, any advise i'm really scare now.xx
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it took me 6 years to get my license, as many times i have fail iheld on and got it. right now i don have a car but i know when i do get one i dont have to worry about getting the license unless it epires
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i failed my first driving test. I really did mess up but only because about half way through, the female driving inspector put her hand on my cock and said "mmmm, maybe i better show you how to operated a stick-shift".

totally true story. well, except the part about the female driving inspector putting her hand on my cock and saying that.
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The road tests are very brief so you should be able to pass if you practice. Go to the same location the tests are held and ride those streets to be familiar with it. Do this on a Sunday though, when other road tests are not being held.

The motorcycle road test I took was also very short, lasted about 5 minutes but I took it in a driving rain storm. I found the motorcycle test much tougher because I was alone on the bike and followed by a car that put me at less ease. Pass on getting a motorcycle license, you will live longer.
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gee, nice comments! I understand, I failed my test seven times. My learner's permit expired so I gave up. But don't be a quitter and a failure like me, perservere!
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I thought people were being nasty and smug and I felt sorry for the poor person who is struggling to pass the driving test. I shouldn't have questioned intelligence - that has nothing to do with it. After all driving is only monkey say monkey do isn't it. Even you can do it.
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Oh, how unrelated this is from the Original Post, but wouldn't we all like to clear up some common misconceptions?

First, my own words: do not forget that Islam is a fairly young religion compared to the other three monotheistic religions. Perhaps people should open their eyes and realize that there is in fact a prejudice in the world against certain types of people and that information is often skewed.

Have we forgotten the inquisition, during which Christians killed off anyone who did not follow their religion?

And the millions of battles fought by Christians to destroy any population that fought under the name of a different God?

And the isolation of the Jews not only in America and the majority of Europe, but in any area that Christians dominated?

And let us never forget that often the name of God is taken in vain, as in the case of John Brown who killed many "in the name of God".

How many times have people killed "in the name of God" ?
Hundreds, maybe. Is it justifiable? No. Does it happen in virtually every religion? Yes.

Religion seems almost pointless, what with all the preaching of peace and yet the violent problems caused by it.
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I failed my driving test two times >.< and been driving for about nearly two years.... i do cry about it .. and get annoyed but.. I say to myself just continue to try and pass and learn from the mistakes... >.< ,,,:-(
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I guess you are nervous about it. I got nervous too when I get to DMV. I was driving ok from my house to there and around. But when I got there, I was all shaking and nervous. So I just went home. hehe but yea I think if I go in and take the test I will fail too. Try to feel comfortable and just think you and your gf in the car. Don't pay attention that someone is watching you. That way is easier. :) Good luck to you on the next test :)
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Hmmm, not all Muslims are bad(one of my family members). only the ones in the middle east.
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This is the biggest misconception in Islam, no doubt resulting from
the constant stereotyping and bashing the media gives Islam. When a
gunman attacks a mosque in the name of Judaism, a Catholic IRA
guerrilla sets off a bomb in an urban area, or Serbian Orthodox
militiamen rape and kill innocent Muslim civilians, these acts are not
used to stereotype an entire faith. Never are these acts attributed
to the religion of the perpetrators. Yet how many times have we heard
the words 'Islamic, Muslim fundamentalist. etc.' linked with violence.

Politics in so called "Muslim countries" may or may not have any
Islamic basis. Often dictators and politicians will use the name of
Islam for their own purposes. One should remember to go to the source
of Islam and separate what the true religion of Islam says from what
is portrayed in the media. Islam literally means 'submission to God'
and is derived from a root word meaning 'peace'.

Islam may seem exotic or even extreme in the modern world. Perhaps
this is because religion doesn't dominate everyday life in the West,
whereas Islam is considered a 'way of life' for Muslims and they make
no division between secular and sacred in their lives. Like
Christianity, Islam permits fighting in self-defense, in defense of
religion, or on the part of those who have been expelled forcibly
from their homes. It lays down strict rules of combat which include
prohibitions against harming civilians and against destroying crops,
trees and livestock.

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This keeps happening to me. I feel so embarrassed and stupid. and my friends are annoyed that they have to give me rides. :(
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Hi everyone, just to let you all know I finally passed my driving test and with only 2 minors to, so a big achievement. Thanks to those who have given me support here and for the ones who had nothing good to say to me, well people like you made me more determine to succeed, so a big thanks to you guys. The advice I would give to anyone going through what I did is to never give up ever, keep trying and you will do it in the end just like I did, the worse thing is to quit, please fight back and you will do it, best of luck, let me know how it goes.
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Don't worry. Get yourself a motorbike licence instead, they're easy to get. Then just buy one of those 3 wheeled Reliant Robin cars. You only need a bike licence for them.
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Perhaps you should sign up for driving lessons from a proffesional AND it might help to study the drivers manual . . .
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try provigil.
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Your driving instructor could just be squeezing tons on cash outta ya, try someone else, also keep in mind, driving isn't for everyone, some people are born to be driven around and that's a pretty cool position to be in too, you'll never have to be the designated driver, drinks up!
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ok Wrong question. I was going to fucking post in the question

but this fucking "Is this normal?" site has a bug that fucking put my post here.. well doesn't matter. my feelings are unchanged.
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im not getting in the car with u. gee and my friends say they wont get in the car with me???!!!
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you suck at driving
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No your limits woman. Why do you think that we have driving tests?
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maybe your a spastic
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That shit is easy. If you can't pass then you probably shouldn't be driving.
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or perhaps crawl, for safety's sake.
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i fell asleep everyday in drivers ed, and never studied in my life. i passed that test w/ a 97...if you have failed that many times its good your not on the road.
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