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I let my dog lick my dick. Is it normal?
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Ok, so i let my dog lick my dick. And I really enjoy it. But is it normal? And can i get some bad stuff because of that? Thanks
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i think thats normal, i do it and i love it, if u have any pics can u let me know
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It wont give you anything bad. But I think honestly, if you are going to have him lick yours you should suck him off. Im not being funny. Im serious. I have a great dane that is my only partner. He loves me wanking and sucking him. He also loves me giving him rim jobs. He will come up and stick his ass in the air demanding me to lick his rectum inside out. So... save a lollipop.. suck a dog cock
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Well if it isnt forced its /more/ normal...

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Yeah It's Normal I Love Doing That Too!(:
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Lol WTF??????
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Not normal and is illegal in UK and most of USA. Don't do it.
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I'm laugh when I hear a story on the news about sum guy gettin his dick bit of by a dog lmaoo haha x D
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I wouldnt imagine that would really feel all that great...
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