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I like my wife to go on dates.
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My wife and I have been married For over 30 years, and we have always had a healthy sex life, about 8 years ago we met this nice guy and he clearly fancied my wife from the start and we all got on well. One night we went out for a drink and at the end of the evening he asked if we wanted go back to his place for a drink, we did and after some time I went out of the room to go to the toilet, when I come back they was kissing and I have to say I loved seeing my wife with another man... We had always talked about it for years, and now it was happening. I loved watching them together, he took her into the bedroom and I followed them and watched him undress her it was amazing for me, and she was having the time of her life. We stayed Friends for some time and he would take her out on a Friday night and would come home about 01.00 and it was Obvious they have been having sex, and my wife would tell me all about her night. I got so turned on knowing my wife was out with a man and having sex. Anyway this went on for about a year and it was a fantastic time in our life, he moved away and we lost touch and life went back to normal and we haven't played since. I have asked my wife if she fancied having a lover again as life is getting boring and can do with a lift. I am so easy going never get jealous, I love it when men look at my wife when we are out, she is in her 50's and still has it going on... But she seems to have lost her confidence and doesn't go out much. So is it normal for a man to love his wife having a lover, and how can I help to get her confidence back.. ( Nick, England )
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What the fuck is wrong with you
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It's called a cuckold fetish. Nothing wrong with it, as long as your wife still loves you at the end of the day.
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