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I like panties
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Im a huge panty fetish, i like the sight of panties very much. I have this problem when i was 14 years old, i feel i started liking them when i watched women in bikini and that obcession increased day by day and now im 28 and i still like panties. When i come across soiled panties in my friends house, i cantt stop sniffing them and masturbate knowing they are my friend's sister panties. Once i was caught stealing my aunt's panty and she was shocked and didn't say a thing, may be she thought im crazy for her, now i want to stop it, can you people give any suggestions....plz...want to break this habit..
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Not clear here: do you want to stop having panty fetish or do you want to stop getting caught?
I'd say sexual fantasy is pretty normal. You'll eventually get tired of this one and move on to something else. In the meantime, it hurts no one, so concentrate on not getting caught.
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Its normal cos its a fetish..
you dont have to stop if you dont't want to :)
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Wouldn't you be better to buy used panties off the net? Ebay doesn't allow it but unlike what you;re doing now, its perfectly legal.
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I love panties too especially purple ones. I especially like lace knickers they way they feel.
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