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I like sleeping nude.
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But at home I am not allowed to close doors when I. sleeping. What should I do?
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Comments (14)
So what does it matter if the door is open and you are sleeping nude? Some many people are hung-up on nudity. Nudity is only a taboo issue if you make it one. We all sleep nude and the doors are always open.
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its healthy to sleep nude.
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As far as i am concerned that is the only way to sleep, hell if I could I would walk around nude all day but unfortunately society frowns on that!

So what if you have to leave your door open, other people will soon get used to the idea that you love sleeping nude and will probably either tell you to close your door or join you in your "march for freedom and democracy"
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It's the best way to sleep!
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It is ok to do this but resist any temptation to self abuse while in this state of undress.
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Older sister slept nude all the time, and still does. We stayed at a hotel overnight after moving a friend's kid to college 8 hours away, and, even though the other two people were in the room with us, she and I slept together. She got under the covers in tiny shorts and a t-shirt, and quickly peeled them off, laying next to me naked and cuddling up. Was no big deal for us. The others never knew, as I had her clothes next to me and gave them to her early in the morning so she could "wake up" clothed.
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Still do it if you happy sleeping that way .both me and my husband sleep naked have done from about 18yrs of age I'm 57 my husband is 60
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Stfu you disgusting old man lying faggot no one Cares about you loser
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parents have stupid ideas sometimes. When my door is closed they ask what I'm doing . My sister can do whatever she wants in her room
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