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I like sniffing my girlfriend's panties when she's not around
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Whenever I'm at my girlfriend's house I can't help going through her laundry basket to find her dirty panties. I then sniff them and often masturbate. Is there anything wrong with this?
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No, your fine. My girlfriend actually trys to ENCURAGE me to do it to hers when shes not around because she likes wearing the "soiled" underware to work. Now thats messed up.
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I use to take my girl friends panties too for the same reason it's Awsome. One time my girl friend found the pair I was "Useing". She asked me what i was doing them, so I told her and she blerts out "These are My Sisters panties"!!!!' oops! " Had I known that, it would have been even More exciting!!
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Why not do it in front of her? Buy her a sexy pair of panties then have her wear them for you. Get her all hot and bothered so you can keep the panties when you are done. That sounds hot to me.
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I think most guys have done this, girls knickers are a big turn-on and they smell and look great.
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It's totally normal for a guy to want to smell not only his gf's panties but any girls panties.
I used to be a BIG panty thief. I would take them from the soiled wash and go home to smell them.
But after i had my good whiff of them, i would wrap my cock starting with the pussy part first so my dick skin can absorb the smell of her cunt.
Then i would wear them for a few days.
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totally normal buddy. we all do it wether we say we do or don't some girls even smell there own. it is a turn on and some girl find you getting turned on by them a really big turn on
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Totally normal. Did it with my Mom's and now with my wife's. the smell of a vagina is very exciting.
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normal. i've done it, and i love the smell of pussy. woud she be turned on watching you?
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so clean your self up with them and then flush them down the toilet
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Have been doing this for the last few months with my girlfriends panties looking at the nice white mark at one stage was asking other guys to join me which I was finding turn on
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