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I like the smell of my own crotch...
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Is it normal to enjoy the smell of your own crotch...a lot? It smells really good. Almost a sweet smell...I think. Every now and then I put my wrist down there and smell it. Is that normal or is it some sort of thing that happens to people who eat to much sweets cause i actually eat healthy and not any sweets at all. I can't remember the last time I ate a candy bar.
there are basically two questions involved. One is it weird to smell it a lot. and two could it be a health thing. I can't find anything about this on webmd. Please answer.
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Something warped and satisfying about it. Yep
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I'm a male btw.
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Yeah i do it tooz
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it smells like sex. That's probably why you like it
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I don't know if it's "normal" but I LOVE THE SMELL OF MY OWN CROTCH TOO! It smells great. Turns me on. F*ckin luv it! :P (I'm a straight male btw)
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Lawl, sames :P
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its not normal bro. Smell your gf its much better
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Yes, it is as normal as in, many humans do it. An enjoyable fragrance is a sign of a good diet, and good health. Others, both male and female, will also find your pheromones attractive. Count yourself as one enhanced. You should investigate if the odor is pungent.
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It smells like genitals
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willys smell bad
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I couldn't answer this as I don't like the smell and don't hate it, it's just there for me. Sorry.
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