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I like the way gravel sounds
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I really really like the way gravel sounds when a car's tires roll over it. Sometimes i will drive into a parking lot of gravel just to hear the sound. Is this weird.
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I like it too. I even like the sound of gravel crunching under my feet when I walk on it.
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i like it too. it reminds me of being little and hearing my parents cars pull into the driveway when they got home from work.
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It's normal
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I like it too
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Me too! It's awesome. If I had a big truck to drive over it with it'd be better!
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I like the sound too but i dont like my car getting dusty. Haha
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I love the sound too!~ The more crunchy the better. Also the sound of driving on certain types of snow, or walking in kinda wet snow. Yummy!
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Yeah I kind of like it too
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It's normal in the aspect that many like certain sounds from usual things. I like the sound of gravel under my car and also when I walk on it. I really like it when I'm inside the house and can hear someone pulling up or away outside!
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