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I like to pee diapers
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So, recently, I found out I like to put on diapers & go places, such as the bank, or the coffee shop, then pee myself while I'm talking to people.

I usually stay in my diaper for about an hour afterwards.

Well, today, I put on a diaper & went to the bank & peed myself. Then I went to the coffee shop & forced a lot of pee out of myself while I looked at a girl.

Then I went into the bathroom while I pulled the diaper up my ass to get piss all over my body & jeans.

When I walked out, my jeans were soaked from the diaper, & everybody saw.
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SweetAngel's post!
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I do use strong ones, but then I splash it all over in my frenzy.
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I love peeing in my diaper :) so warm!
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I wear diapers all the time and love pee in them
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Shut up piss head!!!!
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