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I like to put things in my butt when I am alone.
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So from time to time I like to put things in my butt. If any one else has ever tried this please tell me I am normal.
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It is a good place to store your coin collection and other valuables.
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rick bawls you are a genius!
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My gf sticks her finger in my butt that counts? It's normal.
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ive tryed it 2. ur normal
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Started doing this when I was really young & still do it. I have a few sex toys now to make it more enjoyable
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agreed. i started at 6 years old. its normal brosky.
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I sometimes stick a small egg-vibrator in my bum, pull up my pants and go outside with it still on. I once orgazmed inside the store, was hard to hide it:P
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I've heard that the anus has more nerve endings than anywhere else on one's body, so it's not that far-fetched that one does what you do. Just be careful what goes sin there; it's all-too-easy to injure yourself (and no, I don't know this from experience...).
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i went to my cousin Gabriela's house when we were 11 or 12 to do homework together then she said i hate homework, I said me to and I stopped doing it, she said she had an idea so she got up and pulled her skirt up and panties down and wiped the sheet of paper between her butt she said this Is how much I hate homework, she said now the homework paper smell like ass, she says she is gonna give it to the teacher with her butt smell on it
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It's normal. I'm straight guy who stick things up my sis lol the time. Even people who say they don't do it, do it. Im pretty sure everybody has done it, at least to try.
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wAT the heck r u trying to do?
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