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I like to smell the side of my nose
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Ok like whenever i get the urge i rub the side of both of my nostils in the creases then smell smells gawdAWFUL(usually in the morning) but i cant stop doing it. Is it normal?
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Whatever. When I was younger I liked not to wash the back of my ears for a week and then smell that disgusting crap.
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Smelling ass crack is way more normal that what ur doing!
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its totally normal i do the same thing and i even put a link on here about it
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OH MY GOSH. LOL. Seriously, I was JUST going to post something about this. I DO THE SAME THING. I thought I was the only one!! Yes, it does smell bad. I just recently found that out. Yet, I do it all the time now. It's a bad habit! I don't think it's normal, but oh well... we all have strange habits do we not? lol
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Use toner and STOP IT lol!
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Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! Clean your nose!
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I do that too! It's so weird...
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My 8 year old cousin when he was younger used to spit and put his finger in his mouth and then rub it in his belly button. A horrible infection later ensued.
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