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I like to sniff my panties
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I like to sniff my own panties and socks. I sniff them after I take them off at the end of the day. I like the smell. I wounder if anyone else ever does this?
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Yeh it's normal my bff does it all the time she also smells her bra
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I think its great. My wife sniffs hers to check they are dry and clean. I have seen her frown sometimes and it turns me on! Sometimes when we are making love, I push her dirty panties under her nose and call her a dirty girl. It arouses her even though she is shy about it
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Every one should like smell used panties.
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i sometimes like to smell my underwear at the end of the day. most of the time, it smells very clean, also the part where my anus have been. Even after having a bm, i don't hardly smell any poop. it's because i wipe my ass very very good...
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I think is normal, I usually sniff my socks went I take off my shoes!
And I like sniffing dirty pantys, ive been doing it since I'm like 12yo and to tell you time to time I came across with some nasty ones that I didn't even try to pick them up.
But the best pantys I've sniffed are my best friends wife, unbelievably we were at a park all together then headout to he's place. She took a shower and like an hour later I ask to use the bathroom, he said oh man sorry but you gonna have to use my room bathroom cuz the guess one broke down few days ago" so I went over to they're room and as a typical panty sniffer as I was taking a leak I notice the dirty linens container, so I opened and saw the cloth he's wife had on all day and between her jeans were her pantys roll up just as if she remove them at the same time with her jeans! So I lifted them without moving everything elso tomuch and I couldn't believe that they did not smell as the typical sweaty/pee pantys! They actually smell really good..
So fck it I stole em so I could masturbate with them later!!
Ever since everytime I see her I get a crazy hard on. I love it.
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You are my hero.
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I think it's normal to want to be an astronaut the pay must be great also, the time in college would be a great experience for you.
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Can I smell them with you?
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thats so sexy
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i smell them as i masterbate
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care too share a pair?
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Not really normal in my eyes. Gross.
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I want to sniff your panties after you've been wearing them all day with a full-blown yeast infection, I bet it's smell like a slice of pussy pizza yum yum!
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