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I like to stick things in my butt.
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I like to stick things in my butt when I am alone. Balls, fingers, Markers, A dildo, or a string of beads. Now honestly, how many of you do this to?
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Comments (10)
honestly it depends if your a man or woman. i would think women do it more than straight men and about the same as gay men.
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I don't stick things up my ass unless my man wants it.
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I love anal stimulation. Unfortunately my boyfriend is not into it.
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I love it! But I only use sex toys ;) ... Unfortunately not much alone time lately & wife is not a super anal lover
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Actually I would think men do it more than women, because for men it stimulates the prostate, and it's more painful for women.
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Not more painful for women if it is done right,My girl friend and I both love anal.
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I love it. It's usually pens and pencils but I really love fists.
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i like getting some fingers up my ass during sex, teasing my ass then the cock.. yummm
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My cousin Angelica who is 15 puts things up her ass and small things like rubber bouncing balls, highlighters, and even her fingers. 1 time I went to her house and she pulled her panties down and showed me a marker up her butt then she pushed out like she was using the bathroom and it came out of her butt I got horny and I picked up the marker and smelled it, it smelled bad she then spread her butt open and said " how does it look?" I said it looks good, her butthole was big and stretched because she puts things up there, then she stood up and her pants and panties were still down and I told her to turn around and she did, I wanted to look at her butt with nothing on, so I looked at her naked ass and for some reason I was getting really really horny and turned on her naked butt was thick, the right skin color, big, beautiful, and of course smelly. Then I ran my fingers over and on her whole buttcrack like a credit card, and I smelled my fingers and my fingers smelled like her ass
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