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I look like a 16 year old.
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I turned 30 recently, and people still guess my age as like 16-17 years old. (I admit I am very short.)
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It means you're going to still be ripe at 50 years old.
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Enjoy it while you still can.
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Late blooming is under-rated.
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I'm turning 30 in 5 days and people think I'm underage lmao normal. Everyone ages differently. There are 16 years olds that look quite aemm.... "mature" for their age
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It's normal to look under age if you are short. I guess you have healthy skin which makes you look young. There may be other reasons like late puberty or less harmonal secretion.
Would suggest you to see a doctor if it's bothersome to you.
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It happens. Late growth.
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