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I Love Oatmeal Enemas!
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When I was 14 my older sister (who was very mean) shoved a turkey baster up my ass. The baster contained mud. She squirted about a gallon into my anal cavity! Despite my horror it actually felt kind of good... As time went on I grew more and more curious about having thick enemas. One day after breakfast I had a eureka moment! Why not use the leftover Oatmeal I had just eaten? It was GREAT! Now I can only start my day after having an Oatmeal Enema! Is that Normal?
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that happened to me too!! SIKE! ha p'owned u
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Have you tried an enema with your own vomit? Or even other peoples vomit? Some hobos down the street would probably help you.
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how do u have a enema like that how do u get it in u
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