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I love smegma
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I like it when my girlfriend doesnt wash her vagina and it gets smegma and smells. It really turns me on.
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I like the smell of it, everything else about it is gross. But why 5% normal, of all the weird as shit that people like in sex, including screwing someone in the ass, oh well thats normal according to all of you, but not simply the smell of something? WTF!? You people need to put the crack pipe down. There is nothing wrong with you dude. Sometimes it smells like wet concrete, I love that smell, it makes me get turned on. Its like when chicks or dudes sniff their partners underwear, its all about primal instincts, of times past where we had to determine by smell if someone was ready for sex. It's natural, more natural than screwing someone in the ass, you can't make babies that way. This has everything to do with sex.
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ummmmmmmmm i kind of like the smell of my own but ive never seen any on a girl.

but im not normal sometimes i get a fart and i know it stinks really really bad but i like it in a way, same with my B.O and umm no i hate the smell of jizz, cant think of more examples right now
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For some people another's natural odor is arousing. I think I read somewhere that it carries pheromones. Some people are more sensitive to pheromones than others.
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Hun, believe me it is completly normal. You'd be suprised how many people are fond of their own stench or others. Now im not sayin i love the smell of all things that smell horrid. But, i do love odd things lol and that includes my vaginal odor and smegma. I dont know why but i just love it. Now im a girl that thoroughly cleans below and always carries a thing of wipies everywhere i go and i mean EVERYWHERE and im far from poor hygiene. But after i work out or have had a very productive day i get a natural musky odd smell @ the end of the day and thats what i love about it. Im a odd one lol i know but my boyfriend and i have known eachother for 7 months and he doesnt mind. You would never think a girl like me would be into wierd smells cos of the way i look...but theres a lot of us 'wierd ones' out there and its completly normal hun.
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Interesting. We share so much in common. I love the smell of my underwear at the end of the day too.. I love my girlfriend's musky pussy scent as well
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You're attracted to poor hygiene? And poor genital hygiene, at that?, I don't really think that's normal, for most people. Sorry. Although it might be slightly worse if you liked penischeese (smegma) on unhygienic, uncut guys. o_o;;
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this can't be true
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Nothing wrong with it bro, as long as shes not got an infection its normal. I personally love going down on a girl after a long hard sweaty day, tastes so much nicer than soap. Never get turned on by a licking a bar of soap does anyone?
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I am a gay cut male and the scent of Smegma is very hot to me. It is an Aphrodisiac to me. An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire.
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I don't think it is abnormal at all. Napoleon Bonaparte sent a letter to Josephine telling her not to bathe for two weeks before he came home! The result of not bathing for two weeks would equal one smelly gal ;) So at least you know you share something in common with Napoleon!
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something is very wrong wit u
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Not normal
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